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  • Rebecca Milkey added a new article: 4th Annual Cruises in John Waynes Honor begin on his Yacht Wild Goose Quote: “HORNBLOWER CRUISES & EVENTS ANNOUNCES POPULAR JOHN WAYNE CELEBRATION CRUISES IN NEWPORT BEACH ON BOARD THE WILD GOOSE Newport Beach, California (April 6, 2018) – Hornblower Cruises & Events is once again hosting a series of John Wayne Celebration Cruises aboard his famous yacht, Wild Goose to commemorate John Wayne Day and Wayne’s Life in Newport Beach, CA. With 3 decks of gorgeous w…

  • Jennifer Wayne

    Rebecca Milkey - - Duke's Grandchildren


    Jennifer Wayne will be singing with her new band "Runaway June" on her grand father's Yacht on John Wayne Day in Newport Beach. Her Band has gone a long way now and is a top band to watch and named the "future of country music!" Hornblower is selling tickets to this once in a lifetime event!

  • Books on Duke

    Rebecca Milkey - - Books


    I have book On board with the Duke available and discounted, plus with autograph from Captain Bert Minshall who is still alive and well.