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  • The in-laws' point was that my uncle-in-law died of the same rarer type of cancer that John Wayne did. The uncle-in-law wwas never in the area where the Conqueror was filmed.

  • A Big Hand for the Little Lady (1966) - IMDb - <---- Click the IMDB link to see all kinds of info on the movie. It was an enjoyable movie. Paul Ford was pretty good in it, too. I looked around and could not find it online. YouTube will let you watch it on their pay channel for $2.99. That's why there probably aren't any free versions around. . . Amazon also has it to rent for $2.99

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    The note I got said you wanted me to introduce myself. I been around movies most of my life. I ran theaters for almost a decade. I was also on TV & Radio in San Diego for 26 years, and in Houston for about 5. My connection to John Wayne goes deeper. I've probably seen (or shown) every movie he was ever in. My former in-laws were in business with John Wayne. I even had some of his old office furniture. I recently did a video about a story my in-laws told which said they thought my former uncle-in…

  • According to some of my former in-laws, John Wayne was murdered along with a member of their family. I was first told this story in the 1980s. Yes, I know, John Wayne died from cancer. But, that is part of the story. And, it has nothing to do with the making of the movie The Conqueror in the desert. Since that time, all of the people who were actually involved with this story have died. All I know is the story as I heard it (and remember it) from people who said they were involved. This video of…