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  • I have been trying to stay current with the progress of any and all efforts to restore the cottage and I note that the White O'Morn Foundation USA on Facebook has had no posts or updates since early in August. They did not even acknowledge Maureen's birthday on August 17th. I have written to Robert Tuttle and he does not respond. A friend told me that Mike Ward has made tremendous strides and is working with the Irish Government successfully and a restoration is definitely in the distant future.…


  • Romy - Do you have the clip from the Johnny Carson Show when Maureen and John Candy appeared to promote "Only the Lonely" in 1991?

  • Maureen and I were provided out-takes from "Only the Lonely" by Chris Columbus. There are several great scenes that made the cutting room floor; the best is the dance sequence of Anthony Quinn and Maureen where he whirls her around and then does a dip. It's SO cute. Another great scene was Maureen at the grave of her late husband, talking to him. Very dramatic.... fantastic scene.

  • Great video, as always, Romy.

  • I have a copy of John Wayne being interviewed by Barbara Walters, and also his appearance on Phil Donahue.

  • I'm confused. Are you Ethan Edwards in the U.K.....Chester in the U.S?. Likewise is there some documentation to say that Greg Ebbitt (msp) is aboard this campaign. Not to worry, I'm just an old lady and we have so many cottage restoration sites now that I can't get them all straight.

  • Romy - Would email me at ?? I'd like to link to this from my website. June

  • Great pics Romy. I have this film on VHS tape, but it's a tad fuzzy and rather dark. I can't even remember if she was credited as "Maureen FitzSimons" or "Maureen O'Hara" - pretty sure it was FitzSimons. I haven't used my old tape player for so long I don't want to risk checking it. When she appeared on the set of "Kicking the Moon Around" aka "Million Dollar Merry-go-round" she was just brought into a scene as an impromptu thing to see how the cameras liked her (Laughton didn't arrange that one…

  • Aren't these fabulous photos? They were sent to me initially and should be credited to Tony McElhinney of Bantry Card Shop. Both he and Mike Ward got some great shots. Talked with Brian Downs on the phone yesterday and he told me what a grand reception they were all given at this gala event. You can tell everyone is having a grand time. Special thanks to all those in Ireland who share their photos from these events. We are so lucky to have them.

  • Thank heavens for Mike Ward! He also supplied photos to me. I did a newsletter, put a couple up on the Maureen O'Hara Facebook official page, as well as the website. It was a very successful evening in Bantry. Do so wish I could have been there. Have corresponded with both Aissa Wayne and her daughter, Jennifer. They are such nice people! I'll contact Brian Downs later in the week when he returns to Iowa (the John Wayne Birthplace Museum curator). He also attended the event. Oh yes, Romy and who…

  • Hi Romy - I am hoping we can again be friends. I heard yesterday that Patrick Wayne was ill, but as far as I know Aissa and her daughter Jennifer will still be there. In fact it should be getting under way as I type this. I will be receiving lots of photos from lots of different sources and I will definitely share them with you all. I am also hoping you have a link to some of your great video montages on Maureen. They were the best and the most professional I have ever seen on the Internet. June…