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  • I am wondering what she thinks of a possible Quiet Man remake?

  • Re: Big Jake (1971)

    David LaPell - - The 1970's


    Big Jake is one of my favorite JW films. Even though he was getting up there, it was a great movie. Alot of great lines, and just a fun film to watch. Watching Duke smack around his kid after calling him Daddy and then whapping the other kid for scaring him after the motorcycle crash were priceless. It was just a great movie to watch. There is a movie poster of this film that will eventually go in my son's room, his name is Jacob, but we did not name him after this film. But since he looks like …

  • Hello, my name is......

    David LaPell - - Newbie Forum


    Well, its the same as my user name, was never very good at picking those things. I am 34 and work in law enforcement. It's hard being of the younger generation and being a John Wayne fan since he died only a couple years after I was born. However, I remember watching his movies growing up, and still I think they are better than the stuff coming out now. Not to mention, John Wayne had much more class than the leading men now. He was larger than life. If you ask me my favorite JW film, well, I can…

  • I have had this old John Wayne Weatherby ad for a while now. One of the things I collect is old gun ads, and this one is my favorite. I picked it up secondhand, so I am not sure what year it was, but I have not seen another like it yet. index.php