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  • I think that might have been a practice when they shot the ALAMO. That set isn't far from the border and sadly it isn't open to the public any longer. Big Iron

  • Don't mean to incite but, the National Cowboy Museum also has items from those movies that Duke said was his property that he donated. He was a Board member in the 60s and if Duke said they are they are the real deal that's good enough for me. They also have a ton of other costumes and guns and knives and Kitchina dolls he donated such as a yellow handled SAA Colt and rig. They also have one of about four large loop Winchesters in a 44-40 cal. The rifle in Stage Coach was a 32-20 and is in priva…

  • Yes Sir Drpmkp, I've seen the Santa Fe ruts in Kansas and the panhandle of Okla. West of us in Red Rock Canyon you can still see wagon ruts of the Calif. Trail where the wagon trains camped. I've flown low over the Chisholm from Ft. Worth to Wichita and it looked like there were areas where the ground was lower than other areas. Some experts believe that it could been caused by the many cattle drives. No proof of that but, it's interesting to see. Big Iron

  • Drpmkp, I agree with you on most points. The Shawnee went up to Sedalia Mo. before the railroad went into Ks. The old Chisholm passed by 5 miles west of where I live and Jesse Chisholm is buried on a river bank about 40 miles NW. At one time it went to Wichita when the Earps were there. The Chisholm never went to Dodge City, that was the Great Western and it's ironic that Jesse Chisholm never drove cattle up the trail named for him. I had a great-great uncle who drove a herd up the Chisholm from…

  • I've always thought it was interesting to read about and visit movie locations. I'm sure you'll agree that the location used in Arizona looks very much like southern Texas. I haven't watched it in a long time and can't remember the town they were initially going to, just some place someplace in Missouri but, they ended up in Abilene Ks. Not sure how they found their way across Okla. but, guess that's Hollywood. Red River is still a good JW movie and worth watching again. Big Iron

  • Drpmkp, was wondering if you have researched the movie and what you think of it. I like it and enjoyed the story line but, there's a couple things I can't figure out. Big Iron

  • Drpmkp, I too wear a brass replica of Wayne's Red River buckle that I bought at the Winterset Museum several years ago but, I don't know as much history about it as you do Sir. Just wouldn't be caught dead without it holding up my britches. Big Iron

  • Always interested in seeing some of Wayne's costumes. I would have thought there were more than two copies as the National Cowboy Museum also has and eye patch. If you look close one can see that the material can be see through. Big Iron

  • We need to hang around for as long as we can. There are more and more young people who don't know who John Wayne was so, we need to be sure the world don't turn to crap. I don't live far from the National Cowboy Museum so, I go by and visit Duke's exhibit sometimes to get some new blood. Big Iron

  • Cheyenne (1955-1963)

    Big Iron - - Classic TV Westerns


    Although they never made a film together it's interesting that they had some of the same friends like Leo Gordon who was occasionally cast as a "bad" guy in both their movies. I think they both respected each other's work. Big Iron

  • Cheyenne (1955-1963)

    Big Iron - - Classic TV Westerns


    Wouldn't it have been terrific if Duke and Clint could have made a Movie together. Both as friends of course. Got to meet Clint a few times and things aren't the same. Big Iron

  • Some people think I was born old but, they won't say it to my face Big Iron

  • My best wishes to anyone who visits the Center in the future. The wife and I visited a few months ago and found the "pilgrims" in the museum/gift shop a little unfriendly although, the lady working in John Wayne's house was very helpful. Big Iron

  • Hell or High Water

    Big Iron - - Off Topic Discussions


    Just FYI the National Cowboy Museum is showing a short film clip about how some of the shots were staged and some sets were made. They also have some costumes on display. But, I don't think it's my kind of Western. Big Iron

  • I've been away for a while, just get busy trying to stay alive I guess, but I'm back and hope to get into some really good discussions. I'm sort of outspoken so, I'll try not upset anyone. Old guys are hard headed you know Big Iron

  • Most likely the reason it was unmarked for several yrs. was that the family worried the grave would be disturbed by vandals. The last time I was there the officials wouldn't tell me where it was located however, I did find it using pictures from his daughter's book. As I remember most all the graves in that section have ground level markers. You know he wanted to be cremated and his ashes scattered over the ocean but, the family didn't want that. His grave does look over the ocean and I think he…