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  • Re: When Were You Born?

    Sue D Nim - - Newbie Forum


    1960 here.

  • I Love Maureen O'Hara almost as much as I love the Duke himself, and watching them together is always sheer joy. I remember watching a clip from an interview with her, where she made some comment about JW, and her beautiful face crumpled and she teared up. I bawled.

  • I took the questions to mean that Bracewall is looking for statistical data on the Duke's top ten grossing movies. Bracewall, I believe this website has the data that your'e looking for, or at least will give your research a start. It by no means lists all of his movies, but maybe these are the only ones they could gather data on? If you need to research further, I did a GOOGLE search on "John Wayne box office". ~"Sue" B)

  • Okay, I cut it down to 10, and it was painful! gone with the wind Almost anything at all directed by Hitchcock (if you hold a gun to my head, I'll pick either Psycho, Rear Window or North by Northwest. If it's a BIG gun, I'll pick Rear Window) it's a wonderful life (but NOT the colorized version! Blecch!) singin in the rain the african queen the great escape (I found a very interesting site all about the true story behind the movie: The Great Escape) the philadelphia story the sound of music the…

  • Re Gigot, I've seen that one too and I found it very sweet and enjoyable. But it was actually directed by Gene Kelly and not Jackie Gleason. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Oops! Of course, you're absolutely right! How could I forget that! <g>

  • Me again. I just read the thread and thought of 2 things to add. No, I'm not adding to my list, I swear!!! re: Jen's comment on Singin in the Rain: you summed up my feelings quite eloquently. I have only to add that I was watching TV the day they reported that Donald O'Connor had died, and they kept airing a little "in memoriam" filmclip on TCM or AMC. I sat there stunned and sad, and when they played his number "Make 'Em Laugh" from Singing in the Rain, I thought I might have to change the chan…

  • My Lord, my Lord, where do I start?!?! There are so many ...... I'll post first, then read the other replies. The short answer is, I love all kinds of movies, and I have so many favorites that I can't even narrow them down to a top 10 or 20. I started jotting them down and found I couldn't type as fast as I thought of them (and I type 80wpm), so I finally just made myself stop. Here are just a few of my all-time favorites, just off the top of my head (can you say "eclectic?"). an affair to remem…

  • Hi, Jen. I'm new here. Nice to meet you. That always brings a lump to my throat, too. John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn are two of my very favorites, and every minute of watching them together is a treat. I agree, there are tons of similarities between this movie and The African Queen (another of my favorites of hers .. hmm, I wonder if there's a forum as good as this for Katharine Hepburn fans?). I looked up the exact wording, and I'm pretty sure this is accurate: I look at you with your burnt o…

  • Thanks for the answers and the welcome! Must go now; lots to do before the Searchers comes on in an hour. (lol .... ain't I pathetic?)

  • I'm so glad I found this board! I stayed up all night reading. But I'll have to save the newbie intro for later, as I'm watching Rio Grande again on AMC, and I have these questions nagging on my mind, and I feel dumb .... There are two scenes in Rio Grande between Kirby and Mrs. York that go over my head; I guess I'm missing the proper frame of reference. I'm betting you folks can explain them to me. 1) During the formal dinner, the General asks Mrs. York to make a toast, whereupon she toasts to…