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  • And number two? Amazing!!!!!!

  • Been a while since I been here so I figured I'd start with an old post of mine. Who y'all got in tbe super bowl? I ain't got a dog in this fight but I think the patriots will win. Let the arguments

  • Congrats to the Auburn Tigers on the national championship. Even though I'm a Georgia fan, I'm also an SEC fan and it's good to see the championship come to the SEC again.

  • Well my Ga Dawgs didn't have the best of years this year but we have at least made it to a bowl game and I think we will have a much better team next year.......In other news, my falcons have a chance to clinch home field IF we beat the saints Monday night. Go Falcons!!!!!

  • Re: must have movies

    gt12pak - - Duke Movie Reviews


    The Shootist Red River El Dorado Sands of Iwo Jima True Grit

  • Ringo, is your cell phone number still the same? I'll try to call you at some point.

  • Quote from Kevin: “And the defense looks scary bad, no really the defense looks a little shaky.” Well I'll hafta give it to the defense Sunday. We nearly shut a playoff team out.

  • Quote from ejgreen77: “Damn them cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another heartbreaker. :angry:” Um....I've been out of the loop for a few days. Which cheaters are you talking about?

  • Quote from Hondo Duke Lane: “High School Football starts this week; college next week; and I think the Sunday during Labor weekend is the NFL. What a great land we live in. I can't wait. By the way, the champion's challenge in Alabama took place last weekend, and my high school played and well they won. Didn't count but they wiped out the other team. Cheers :cool:” I have one playing varsity this year and his first game is Friday night. I can't wait for that one. BTW, did anyone catch my Falcons…

  • Catching a coupla hours of the John Wayne Summer Under The Stars on TCM before I call it a night.

  • Discovered something new tonight. Listening to hardrockin80' Not a bad station at all if your into 80's rock.

  • Any Vikings fans here? You guys just signed Brett Favre today.

  • I just gotta this one back up. My falcons take the field this Saturday at 4 pm (est). This is the first time in a long time that I truly am excited about the ATL taking the field this year. On another note, if there are any eagle fans here, you have JUST signed Michael Vick to a 2 year deal. Just to let you know. GO FALCONS!!!!!

  • Re: Gran Torino

    gt12pak - - Off Topic Discussions


    My first thought after watching this movie was how much like The Shootist it was. I mean there's Clint trying to teach this kid the right way to do things not to mention the barber shop which was a part of The Shootist as well. There was also the feeling that the town would never be safe as long as there were evil doers in the town. The only difference I could see is that Books knew he was dying. I'm not sure that Kowalski knew he was dying even though he was coughing up blood. Other than the st…

  • Quote from The Ringo Kid: “Hi Cole, i'm looking for someone to play them Yankees in Sid Meiers Civil War game ;-)) -- interested?” Ringo, I'm just looking for my Braves to beat them Yankees in a baseball game.......whoops wrong thread.

  • Leave it alone can only lead to no good.:wink_smile:

  • Thanks for the concern Carl. I'm alive and doing well. You have my number and we do need to talk. I haven't heard from you in a few weeks. Like Hondo said, life does get in the way. My job has changed quite a bit and I haven't been able to keep in touch like I want to. My job is wide open right now and I have 3 boys playing on 3 different baseball teams right now not to mention that school is still kicking me in the exhaust right now. I'll try to do better at keeping in touch. Until then I still…

  • Haven't kept up with baseball too much since the Braves no longer own their division, but with all the pitching changes this year, this might be an interesting season. We'll see.

  • Re: Headed back to Texas

    gt12pak - - Off Topic Discussions


    Hey Girl. You know you got me to talk or chat with nearly anytime you feel the need to. Let me know what's going on.

  • Going back to The Searchers, there's a scene early in the movie that makes me feel sort of uneasy. Remember after Ethan had left with the others and the Comanche were bearing down on his brothers home? That's one scene that kinda made feel at unease.....if that makes any sense.

  • Just like to say another thanks for all here who have supported my family. When you combine a 40 hour week with night classes, family, and church, there's not a lot of time left to hang out here. But spring is in the air and I have a week between classes and here's hoping I can be here for a bit. GT

  • Paul Harvey passed away today at the age of 90.

  • Thanks everyone for the support and when my 9 year old went up, I don't think there was a dry eye in the house....including yours truly.

  • Hi all, you'll just have to excuse me because things have all of a sudden changed for us. I'm not a religious person, but one of our new year's resolutions in 2009 was to spend more time in church. It's only February and all 3 of my boys are going to be baptised tomorrow and you can only imagine my excitement. I just wanted to share this with the group!!!!!!!

  • Quote from Kevin: “Just amazing the whole idea that an Actor would be on this list even just a year after his death much less 30 years later. :thumbs_up:” And still seems to move up on the list. Now that is just amazing.