Speaking of Maureen O'Hara . . .

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    • I would love to go and see her however Dublin is a long way from where I live, if it was Belfast or somewhere in Northern Ireland I may have went.

      I am howver quite likely to go to the convention in 2007 and a number of friends of mine may be coming but they ask me whats going to be happening and I have no idea could someone help me out?

    • Congratulations, Arthur, so glad you could make it.

      Even for a brief moment, you have been in her presence, and that's something you might want to remember every time you watch on of her movies thereafter.
      Those marketing people ALWAYS say: the star is tired, please no questions, and at a booksigning they ALWAYS say: no autographs on pictures (cause they wanna sell the books) but the stars themselves are never like that. Yet if you want to do an interview or talk about that board you better check with the managment for extra time.
      I'm up to my neck in work and therefore couldn't have gone to London (which would have been the shorter trip than Dublin). Where in Ireland do you live, Robbie?
    • Hi Roland

      I think you are right about the stars,

      The only thing that was a slight let down was the attitude of some of the shop assistant who began complaining about all the people who were gathered around and were saying that it was ridiculous.

      You are right I will never forget Saturday, and what these people don't realise or couldn,' care about is this was the only chance myself and many many people like me will have of seeing her, some like me have watched her pictures since the early fifties, and although other might deride it as trite, for about six hundred people Saturday was an unforgettable experience.


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    • Originally posted by arthurarnell@Sep 20 2004, 02:44 AM
      You are right I will never forget Saturday, and what these people don't realise or couldn,' care about is this was the only chance myself and many many people like me will have of seeing her, some like me have watched her pictures since the early fifties, and although other might deride it as trite, for about six hundred people Saturday was an unforgettable experience.

      I had an experience like that the last time I was stationed in Germany (US European Command in Stuttgart). One day I was sitting in my office and one of my soldiers rushed in and breathlessly said, "Hey, Sarge, guess who I just saw down at the tennis courts?" I said, "Who? and he said "Charlton Heston". (This was about 1973)

      Well, since Heston has always been one of my favorite actors I naturally went to the tennis courts to see if the guy was telling the truth. Sure enough, there he was big as life, er, Moses, playing tennis with an officer. :D

      Straightaway, I rushed to my quarters and got one of my books about the movies, went back to the courts and after he finished his game, asked him to autograph my book. He asked my name and when I told him, he wrote on the flyleaf "Jim, Glad to have met you in Stuttgart. [signed] CHARLTON HESTON." It's a treasured possession.

      I learned later that his sister was married to one of the generals we had in the headquarters and he was visiting her.

      De gustibus non est disputandum
    • For you people that are into this type of thing you can go to "June Beck's Web-Site" on Maureen O'Hara that is on the First page of "This Web-Site" and there is a "GREAT PICTURE" of our own "ARTHUR" standing next to Maureen at the Book Signing in England a few days ago for her new book "TIS HERSELF." If you go to June Beck's Message Board you can read about the "Donybrook" that took place at the end of the Book Signing from some the people that were there. :fear2: This book is a Must Have for people that want to know more about John Wayne , John Ford and Maureen O'Hara!!! :wub: You also can go to MAUREEN O'HARA :cowboy: Chilibill
    • ARTHUR! You made it! On Maureen's website! Yes - it's him - the good-lookin fella right next to the Queen of Technicolor!
      Top of the world, Maa!!
      Speaking of Technicolor: what's the bright green bag you brought?! The BLOB?! :lol:
      Or do you just want to signal Maureen that you like the Irish colors?
      (hey, in the group shot, there's that green blob again :D )
    • Hi Roland

      I was just about to leave home and thought that I'm likely to get in such a state that I would probably put the book down somewhere and lose it, so at the last minute I picked up the first career bag that came to hand stuffed the book in it. Later I put the newspaper I was reading on the train and while I was in the queue the gentleman from Norway very kindly gave me a copy of the Irish American magazine with Maureen on the front cover. So that went into the bag.

      The first thing my wife said when she saw the original picture Why didn't you lose the bag. But in that rush and on that occasion rational thinking goes out of the window.

      Saw the interview with Richard and Judy last night

      She was asked about her experiences with John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart she had a slight senior moment when she forgot what she was going to say but after that she was fine.
      They showed a couple of clips from the Quiet Man and she explained off set that she had broken her wrist when she slapped John Wayne.
      She also related the incident with James Stewart after she had stolen a scene off of him and his reaction.
      Also showed a clip from the Rare Breed with good ole Jack Elam and Jimmy Stewart in the fight.
      And then the difference between John Wayne who said about a shot go ahead and try to steal the scene and as he walked away he looked back and said if you can.

      The final question asked was if she ever thought that John Wayne ever loved her.
      She replied with an emphatic no saying that they were always friends but she didn't think he loved her.

      The interview ended with a clip from Rio Grande
      I got the impression that Maureen was happy to sit and talk all night but she didn't get on screen until ten minutes from the end of the programe.

      It sort of capped the weekend.


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    • Hey Arthur, you looked great. Don't feel bad about not saying much. I know I would have done the same thing. My tongue tends to get real thick and its just best to keep it in my mouth when that happens!! :lol: I am jealous of you for getting your pic taken next to a legend.
      Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
      -John Wayne
    • Arthur,

      It was great seeing the pictures from your wonderful visit to London on Saturday! Icing on a terrific "cake."

      How long have you been hanging out on the Maureen O'Hara message board? It seems like you're an old-timer there. Or maybe you just make really fast friends. :D

      I'm beginning to think the new John Wayne museum should have a special Maureen O'Hara wing.

      Hm-m-m-m-m-m . . . .

      Chester :newyear:

    • Hi Chester

      The Saturday before the London event Roland sent me the link to the Maureen O'Hara website I joined on the Monday was registered on the Tuesday and joined the others in London on the Saturday.
      I am very much a newbie on that sight. But like this one they all seem friendly.


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    • Maureen O'Hara once testified befroe congress on behalf of John Wayne. I am looking to see how many people I can find who feel, like me, that she should be so recognized herself and would be willing to join a campaign to accomplish this ASAP. I believe we can bring to light all that she has cotributed artisitically and culturally since coming to the United States and that we should do so.
      Please respond with any opinions and ideas, all will be greatly appreciated. TY , Ryan
    • Originally posted by Robbie@Nov 15 2004, 07:21 PM
      [b]What was Duke stated to have done that got him the Gold congressional medal.

      According to this , Robbie, it was presented to him in recognition of "his distinguished career as an actor and service to the nation". I'll let you decipher the meaning of that. :lol:
      De gustibus non est disputandum