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    • Re: Aissa vs. Ethan - Legal Fight

      lvellek wrote:

      I'll make a newbie post later but I saw this at the top of your main page. I work for a similar company in their licensing and copyright department. I am on the road, a lot, but I do meet the licensing people from Wayne Enterprises from time to time because several of us belong to an organization that helps each other deal with the ever changing licensing problems, especially internationally.

      I will say that some of you are right and wrong on this issue. You're right in saying that they have to license everything, every event, every promotion and every advertising aspect that has to do with John Wayne, Duke, his signature, etc. because they have all this protected through trademarking, registering and copyrighting. But the catch is people, groups or companies have to ask for a license or permission. Where your wrong is they have to put their name on everything, that's how you know it's legit. Not everyone gets that permission or license but if they do they have to agree to special requirements. The rights for almost all of the films stayed with the studios. Most of the phony stuff comes from China and other countries but if you don't see the company name and stamp of approval you're not helping the families first priority, the JWCF. Whatever else is left over is divided "per stirpes".

      They have standards, and they have to approve everything that is manufactured. For instance items from the larger companies have to have their artist approved and then they go through a multi-step proofing approval process. Once the final say is put on an item, which is only done by Ethan, the item is manufactured and the proofs are destroyed.

      John Wayne Enterprises, JWCF and Team DUKE are all in the same office. Patrick is not involved with the JWCF, he is the Chairman of the JWCI. Totally separate from the others because they are at St. John's Health Center.

      Yes, there are a lot of items out there that don't have their name on it and when you buy these items you've only helping some overseas company make money off of a name and image without permission. This newest legal battle is more of a sibling rivalry. With Aissa and some of the grandchildren on one side and Ethan on the other. It's not a publicity stunt and it won't effect anything.


      I found that quite informative, and quite interesting as well. Thank you for your insight.
    • Re: Aissa vs. Ethan - Legal Fight


      First of all, WELCOME to the Original John Wayne Message Board! You have joined with an international community of John Wayne fans that ranges in age from the teens to the eighties, and comes from at least four continents. We are generally a friendly bunch, and quite knowledgeable about Duke (it appears you 'qualify' on both counts :wink_smile:). Glad you joined us!

      Thanks for your insightful comments (and the correction regarding Patrick's involvement in the JWCI. We hope you enjoy your time here!

      Mrs. C :angel1: and Chester :newyear:
    • Re: Aissa vs. Ethan - Legal Fight

      As this thread could be ongoing,
      I have moved it to the more appropriate Duke's Family forum,
      and for the time being made it sticky.
      As when the the topic drys up,
      I will merge it into the the Famiy general discussions
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Aissa vs. Ethan - Legal Fight

      anitaswift wrote:

      Thank you Mrs C, for some reason everyone on this board forgets the good things that his family does do in his name!

      Thank you for joining us Anita, and as his grandaughter,
      it is an honour to Welcome you to our forum,

      I am sorry, but I cannot accept your statement,
      everyone on this board, forgets the good things
      that the family does,
      as this is just not the case!!
      We are very aware of the 'good things' the family does
      often mentioning The John Wayne Cancer Institute,
      and other aspects of the Wayne families commitments!.
      We have a sub-forum, dedicated to members of your family
      and there is only good and positive discussion.

      The post made by Mrs. C, does indeed reflect
      the general feeling on this forum.
      However one or two of our members, do have opposing views,
      which unlike some forums, are allowed here.

      We on the JWMB are proud to protect the legacy of Duke,
      and although we welcome open discussion, we will not allow
      'bashing' in any form of Duke and his family.
      Indeed one of our members was ' pulled' about this sometime back,
      I received communication from Jennifer Wayne regarding these posts,
      and subsequently the offending ones were removed.
      This member for a number of reasons, was subsequenty banned from this site.
      He is now ironically, the Administrator on the official family forum.

      Unlike other forums, the JWMB is here in honour of Duke,
      and will always encourage open and frank discussion.
      We are proud of our community, and one, I am sure,
      your grandfather would also be proud of.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Family- General Discussion

      Just to remind our members of one of our guidelines (With an extra-proviso):-

      Flaming/Bashing Other Members or Third-Parties,
      is not tolerated.
      Members who flame or bash another member or third party,
      are in violation of these community standards,
      and may have their posting privileges revoked without warning.

      Just part of the general awareness of the JWMB,
      that we unlike other forums, welcome discussion,
      but not flaming or bashing.

      Thank you for your support.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Family- General Discussion

      ebicker wrote:

      So, how many children are still alive that are Duke's children?

      Patrick, Melinda, Aissa, Ethan and Marisa,
      5 remaining children
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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