The Shadow Of The Eagle (1932)

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    • The Shadow Of The Eagle (1932)



      Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas

      Plot Summary
      The Eagle uses sky writing to make threats against a corporation.
      Nathan Gregory owns a travelling fairground and is thought to be the Eagle.
      Craig McCoy is a pilot who goes looking for the Eagle when Gregory turns up missing.
      Summary written by Ed Stephan

      Writing Credits
      Ford Beebe story and screenplay
      Colbert Clark story and screenpolay

      Full Cast
      John Wayne .... Craig McCoy
      Dorothy Gulliver .... Jean Gregory
      Edward Hearn .... Col. Nathan B. Gregory
      Richard Tucker .... Maj. Evans, company owner
      Lloyd Whitlock .... Green, a director
      Walter Miller .... Danby, a director
      Edmund Burns .... Clark, a director [Chs. 1-3]
      Pat O'Malley .... Ames, a director
      Kenneth Harlan .... Ward, a director
      'Little Billy' Rhodes .... Billy Little, the midget (as Little Billy)
      Ivan Linow .... Heinie, the strongman
      James Bradbury Jr. .... Henry, the ventriloquist
      Ernie Adams .... Frederick 'Pat' Kelly, the barker (as Ernie S. Adams)
      Roy D'Arcy .... Henchman Gardner
      Bud Osborne .... Henchman Tim Moore
      Yakima Canutt .... Henchman Boyle
      Billy West .... Bob, the clown [Chs. 8-9]
      Monte Montague .... Callahan, Policeman at circus (as Monty Montague)

      Ford Beebe
      B. Reeves Eason (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Ford Beebe (story and screenplay) &
      Colbert Clark (story and screenplay) &
      Wyndham Gittens (story and screenplay)

      Benjamin H. Kline
      Victor Scheurich

      Yakima Canutt .... stunts (uncredited)

      Chapter Titles: -
      1. The Carnival Mystery -
      2. Pinholes -
      3. The Eagle Strikes -
      4. The Man of a Million Voices -
      5. The Telephone Cipher -
      6. Code of the Carnival -
      7. Eagle or Vulture? -
      8. On the Spot -
      9. When Thieves Fall Out -
      10.The Man Who Knew -
      11.The Eagle's Wings -
      12.The Shadow Unmasked

      Filming Locations
      Antelope Valley, California, USA
      Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park - 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, California, USA
      Lancaster, California, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • The Shadow of the Eagle is a 1932 Mascot film serial,
      starring John Wayne in his first serial role.
      This serial is now in the public domain.

      After Duke's dreadful time at Columbia, things changed with this, the first of three serials,
      for producer Nat Levine.
      Duke featured as Craig McCoy, a stunt flier, who does circuit sky-writing..

      During the filming of this, Duke met Yakima Canutt, which would lead
      to film, fight innovations, and a life-long friendship.


      User Review
      Author: Brandon McGee from Salt Lake City, Utah

      The good guys never seem to catch a break. It added to the plot and my frustration.*
      What a roller coaster of a movie.
      It was a good movie and keeps you on the edge of your seat rooting for the good guys to get one thing to go their way.*
      Common John Wayne where, as the hero, he never gives up hope.

      Didn't realize that it was almost 3 hours till it got close to the end and I looked up at the clock.

      If you like b/w old movies, it's a good show to watch. I like John Wayne but have watched most of his older movies.
      It's a lot of fun to see a young John Wayne running around to save the day.
      If you don't like the older John Wayne movies, give some of is younger stuff a chance.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • I'll start this off with a warning. You must really be a big John Wayne fan in order to enjoy or appreciate this serial. It clocks in at 218 minutes. The plot's a little silly and every episode (about fifteen to twenty minutes long) has the same plot. Something happens and John Wayne is accused of being the eagle, or he has to run from the cops. And when ever any real proof is turned up, the evidence is discounted because the person it points to just says it's fake. But if you like the westerns that he did for lonestar, then you will probably like this because it is a lot like them (except not a western). I got it as a part of a five disc, three serial set that includes Hurricane Express and the Three Muskateers for twenty dollars (CDN). Total running time of all three is ten hours, so you get bang for your buck.
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    • Re: The Shadow Of The Eagle (1932)

      Here are two posters, the second one listed as from the 1949 re-release.
    • Re: The Shadow Of The Eagle (1932)

      Amtor4 wrote:

      I was watching The Shadow of The Eagle on until
      it was time for Chapter 11, which for some reson they didn't have. I've been
      trying to find another site where I can watch the rest of this serial.
      Any suggestions?

      Try here.

      Also Welcome, which I have posted on our dedicated thread
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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