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    • Re: General "RIP" announcements that might be of interest

      The Tennesseean wrote:

      With regard to Pat Wayne playing the baby in Stagecoach...he wasn't born until September of 1939. The filming was completed in mid-late 1938, or at the very earliest, the first couple of months of 1939.

      It would've been cool if it WAS him, but it couldn't have been...:(

      It would indeed be 'cool'
      However I thought Patrick was born on July 15th!
      So we can hope, just a little!
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Sons Of The Saddle- Patrick Wayne

      Good news for all you Patrick Wayne as Sinbad fans. :)

      Twilight Time in continuing its proud tradition of honoring RAY HARRYHAUSEN, the Grand Master of Special Effects, announces the first time availability of one of the most eagerly anticipated BLU-RAY releases of the season!

      Limited Edition BLU-RAY Release
      Only 3,000 units available at /
      Once they are gone – they are gone!

      “The creations of animation expert Ray Harryhausen…have given this series something of a cult following…No child could ask for much more.” —The New York Times

      “The film is, in fact, the most lavish looking of the animator’s career…Harryhausen’s creations are more like characters than the usual monsters our heroes poke sticks at.” —DVD Talk

      The third in special effects genius Ray Harryhausen’s trilogy of films about the legendary sailor (played here by Patrick Wayne), Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977) tells the tale of Sinbad’s quest to return the brother of his beloved Princess Farah (Jane Seymour) to manhood after an evil witch (Margaret Whiting) turns him into a chess-playing, sad-faced baboon. Along for the ride are a magician (Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor Who) and his beauteous daughter (Taryn Power), caught up in a journey that features encounters with a panoply of astonishing Harryhausen creatures, including a trio of ghouls, a gigantic troglodyte, and a fearsome mechanical minotaur.
    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Ben Johnson

      Paula wrote:

      This could go in several different folders but I'll put it in here and if EthanEdwards wants to copy it anywhere else... I know he will. ;)

      Hey Paula, thanks for posting this photo. First time seeing this.
      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
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    • Re: Sons Of The Saddle- Patrick Wayne

      John Wayne's son had a visit by the law Friday night ... after a fight over a horse Mercedes.

      Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Patrick Wayne's wife, Misha Anderson called the cops at around 9 PM, after they got into a heated argument over the car. The way cops tell it ...75-year-old Patrick bought his 45ish-year-old wife a Mercedes C class which pissed her off because she wanted an E class.

      Our sources say the couple said they were in the process of breaking up ... which is the weirdest part, because why would you buy the wife you're divorcing any car ... even a C class?

      Nonetheless ... cops say they calmed them down and left.

      You never had these problems with stagecoaches.…ic-dispute/#ixzz3PmmFXE7i

      Hard to believe he's 75. wife looks younger in the picture.