Frontier Horizon (1939)

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    • Frontier Horizon (1939)

      aka NEW FRONTIER


      Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas


      Plot Summary
      The Three Mesquiteers convince a group of settlers to exchange their present property
      for some which, unbeknownst to our goodguys, is going to be worthless.
      They are captured before they can warn the ranchers.
      Summary written by Ed Stephan

      Full Cast
      John Wayne .... Stony Brooke
      Ray Corrigan .... Tucson Smith
      Raymond Hatton .... Rusty Joslin
      Jennifer Jones .... Celia Braddock (as Phyllis Isley)
      Eddy Waller .... Major Steven Braddock
      Sammy McKim .... Stevie Braddock
      LeRoy Mason .... M.C. Gilbert
      Harrison Greene .... William Proctor
      Wilbur Mack .... Mr. Dodge
      Reginald Barlow .... Judge Bill Lawson
      Burr Caruth .... Dr. William 'Doc' Hall
      Dave O'Brien .... Jason Braddock
      Hal Price .... Sheriff
      Jack Ingram .... Henchman Harmon
      Bud Osborne .... Dickson
      Slim Whitaker .... Henchman Turner (as Charles Whitaker)
      Chuck Baldra .... Jailed Rancher (uncredited)
      Bob Burns .... Jailed Rancher (uncredited)
      Fred Burns .... Fiddle Player (uncredited)
      George Chesebro .... Deputy (uncredited)
      Jim Corey .... Bushwhacker (uncredited)
      Victor Cox .... Townsman at the Dance (uncredited)
      Curley Dresden .... Guard (uncredited)
      John Elliott .... Townsman (uncredited)
      Frank Ellis .... Townsman (uncredited)
      Oscar Gahan .... Accordion Player (uncredited)
      Jody Gilbert .... Rusty's Dance Partner (uncredited)
      Herman Hack .... Wagon Driver Jim (uncredited)
      Walt La Rue .... Townsman (uncredited)
      Cactus Mack .... Fake Indian (uncredited)
      Frankie Marvin .... Musician (uncredited)
      Bud McClure .... Townsman (uncredited)
      Charles Murphy .... Mailman Zeke (uncredited)
      Bill Nestell .... Townsman at the Dance (uncredited)
      George Plues .... Henchman (uncredited)
      Bob Reeves .... Townsman (uncredited)
      Bill Wolfe .... Townsman (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Betty Burbridge story and screenplay
      William Colt MacDonald characters
      Luci Ward story and screenplay

      Original Music
      William Lava (uncredited)

      Reggie Lanning

      Yakima Canutt .... stunts (uncredited)
      Walt La Rue .... stunts (uncredited)
      George Montgomery .... stunts (uncredited)

      Jennifer Jones's film debut.

      * Anachronisms: After a prologue that takes place immediately after the end of the Civil War, the body of the film takes place fifty years later, which would make it about 1914. At this time the Three Mesquiteers are supposed to be Pony Express riders; however, Pony Express only ran from 1860 to 1861, having been abandoned at the start of telegraph service.

      * Anachronisms: Despite the fact that the story is supposed to be taking place around 1914, the women wear mostly 1939 fashions and hairstyles throughout, except at the New Hope Valley 50th Anniversary Dance, where they are all in period costume. Meantime everyone uses buckboards and horse drawn buggies for transportation, and there is not an automobile in sight, even though they were in common use by this time.

      Filming Locations
      Corriganville, Ray Corrigan Ranch, Simi Valley, California, USA
      Iverson Ranch, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA
      Van Norman Reservoir, Granada Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

      Watch the Movie

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Frontier Horizon is a 1939 Three Mesquiteers Western film
      starring John Wayne, Ray "Crash" Corrigan, Raymond Hatton, and Jennifer Jones.

      The leading lady is Jennifer Jones billed as Phylis Isley.
      The director was George Sherman.

      After his unhappy spell, with the 6 picture deal with Universal,
      things changed for the better.
      Wayne played the lead in eight of the fifty-one films in the popular series
      This was the last of eight Three Mesquiteers Western B-movies
      with Wayne (there were fifty-one altogether).

      A restored 35 mm copy of the film exists and was screened at the
      Museum of Modern Art in New York City as part of a 2007
      John Wayne centennial retrospective, which included
      The Big Trail, The Searchers, and True Grit.

      A series of 'B' Westerns, was being updated, with Duke
      being invited into the role of Stony Brooke, recently vacated by
      by Bob Livingston.

      The Three Mesquiteers
      was a popular series for Republic , and Duke's winning personality,
      soon worked in, with the established characters, Ray Corrigan, as Tuscon Smith,
      Raymond Hattonas Rusty Joslin
      Max Terhune as Lullaby Johnson, and Terhune's dummy, Elmer.

      Duke made 8 of these and this was to be his eighth and last
      Although, it is said, he found them to be dreary, and a drudgery.

      In this one, directed by George Sherman,
      Duke looked splendid astride a white horse.
      This film was more violent that the others,
      and climaxed with a burning of a town.

      I can remember seeing them, on the Saturday morning matinees,
      with all the kids, yelling, booing and hissing, at every other interval.
      I remember Elmer, with great fondness, oh and yes Duke of course.
      What an improvement he was, in these, and the Duke we now ,know and love,
      was at least shining through
      They were horrible montrosities
      he told writer Maurice Zolotow.

      However, what Duke didn't realise, is that they had exposed him,
      to a much bigger audience, including 'A' pictures, audiences.

      They may have been a drudgery, but within months,
      the big bang, was there Stagecoach


      User Review
      Author: m0rphy, From IMDb

      This is a typical short 57 mins. formulaic film from the budget minded Republic Studios, from 1939
      .It is interesting only because it was the first attempt at film stardom for Phyllis Isley, aged 20 at the time, whose name was changed in 1942 to the better known, Jennifer Jones, at the request of David O. Selznick, her mentor and later husband.

      She plays Celia Braddock who assists the "Three Mesquiteers" (whose number includes a young John Wayne), to prevent a ruthless claim-jumping construction company from stealing ranchers' properties in "New Hope Valley", in order to build a lucrative dam there.She gets to ride a horse but is given rather a trite script to say.After a second Republic Film that year ("Dick Tracy and the G-Men), Phyllis and her then husband, Robert Walker, decided they were not being regarded seriously enough by Hollywood*
      and returned back to New York to pursue their still unrealised dreams of stage stardom.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Frontier Horizons (1939)

      As Keith mentions above, this movie is also known by the name of New Frontier.

      Here are two posters, the first from 1939 and the second a 1953 re-issue.
    • Re: Frontier Horizons (1939)

      this aired on channel 45 on saturday morning in baltimore md sometime in the mid 1970s it was the first time for me ever seeing one of his b-westerns so it holds a special place -thank god for stagecoach because republic was just wasting this great talent
    • Re: Frontier Horizons (1939)

      JW being chased by " Injuns " in the first five minutes was a good start to a movie ! I enjoyed this one. Good storyline with trying to save the town. JW gets to do a little dancing, as I mentioned on another thread !!! The big fight scene was a bit confusing, a big group of men, all wearing guns, but fighting with their fists and bits of wood !?!? No one got shot at all !!! Also, great support from the other two Mesquiteers....

      Dee x