Has Any One Bought Or Got A John Wayne Holster?

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    • Chester: "Hey, Rick, is that offer open to anybody else?"

      Rick: <_< "I don't know . . . ."

      Chester: "I could come with my wife and the four kids still at home."

      Rick: :( "What . . . ?"

      Chester: "Hey, maybe Hondo and Kevin and the Baron and Dukefan1 could come, too! If any of them have kids, their kids can play with my kids. Sounds like fun to me."

      Rick: :o "Aaaaaaaugh!"

      (Long pause . . . . . . . . . . . )

      Chester: "Just kidding!" :P
    • Hi Chester you've probably given Rick a heart attack!
      yes I have one bought some years ago It's a Hondo by Legends in Leather looks about the closes one I've seen. It's $245 that's £147 in English money that's cheap when you have a look at a JW rig in England which costs £215=$360.It's not half as good. My wife thinks I'm mad! But what do women Know.
      Sorry you don't have one yet maybe someday.
      I've seen a good one but it's only the holster at
    • It 'll take more than that pilgrim....

      I'll even let you twirl my rifle once you sign a waiver , releasing me from liability, (those front sights cut coming around . Watch Stage coach Duke even flinches).

      And John Wayne doesn't take anything off his brother so your warned on that one too.

      SASS 39065 Life
      BOLD 114
    • I am bringing this thread back to the front because as I was searching eBay for Duke stuff, I came across this interesting auction. A Holster, cartridge belt and spurs used by Duke in the movie Sons of Katie Elder and others. The price is a little steep, but would be a nice thing to have. For those who want to take a look, here's the link. John Wayne holster set

      Ah, sucks to be of limited means :( dukefan1
      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Beware... normally, if they're is proof of an AUTHENTIC piece, the hot shot JW collectors just snap it away. Then there would be bids all around now, and they would be sloughtering themselves on ebay. I don't know. I saw JW's rig in the Gene Autry museum in L.A., and it is assumed that he used the same rig (from that time period) over and over again (he was kinda supersticous about things like that). Then, the film was made in MEXICO, not in Texas - so there's one hint the person doesn't know what he's talking about. I've said it before: there are so many fakes out there. I'm not saying this is one of them - but one should examine it carefully. If it is genuine why isn't it in an auction at "Christie's", where serious buyers are doing their buying - and therefore the seller gets an even better deal - but only after it's closely examined by experts. Then of course the real JW rig should sell in the 10000 $ range.
      There's also "JW's original Green Berets uniform" offered on Ebay - for the second time, as I saw it. I'm not saying it's fake - yet I'm not saying it's the real McCoy either.
    • I have seen the holster that dukefan has mentioned. It is a very steep price unless they can produce some kind of proof JW wore it. If it is is authenic, then I personally would like to see it in a John Wayne museum for all his fans to appreciate, not in a private collection. But that's just me yackin'.

      I have read in an article that JW used to collect rifles. I wonder what the kids did with them? They would also go great in a JW museum.

      Chester, I don't have kids for ya to play with, I just packed mine off to college! Woo Hoo! :lol: But you can have my wife's dog! He's annoying! :rolleyes:

      [SIZE=3]"Here's to you Duke, untill we meet again."[/SIZE]
    • oh baron how could you that little puppy will have its feelings hurt it is that hound dog you spoke about such a little dog :D

      just pulling it

      cheers smokey
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