Pinned How Do You Became A John Wayne Fan?

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    • Re: How Do You Became A John Wayne Fan?

      terry wrote:

      ...I know the day I knew him: the 10th of May, 2008. Yes: I knew him just one year ago. I saw "The Man who shot to Liberty Valance", which my mother brought to me. This movie opened my eyes: I didn't know before I've seen it that John Wayne was existed! Well, actually I knew him because is very famous, but I had never seen his face. The 11th of May I wanted to see the movie again, then I decided that John Wayne was meant for me :D
      "The man who shot..." is still my favorite movie of him :shades_smile:

      I guess I'm doing some mistakes with the use of simple past. Feel free to correct me!


      Well, I guess we should wish you a Happy Anniversary for being a John Wayne fan!! Did your mother give you the film because she is a John Wayne fan? What a great story you have shared.

      BTW, do not worry about your (VERY) few mistakes. I can only speak for my wife and myself, but we find the slight "stumbles" of our members for whom English is not their native language to be endearing. We really appreciate the effort you make, and applaud you for being here! Keep it up!

      Chester :newyear:
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      That's right, some days ago was the Anniversary of me and John Wayne. :wink_smile: Sadly I could not watch a movie of him because I had to study!
      No, my mum didn't know John Wayne very well, she brought me that movie only because it's a classic and she know that I love old movies.

      I thank you!!
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      My late father got me hooked on western movies and John Wayne, oh, way back. I was born in '48 (no, 1948 not 1848) so it must have been around the mid '50s. Western movies were big then, everyone was making them. Then when we first got TV they were on much of the time, and dad loved them so it was part of the family time around the TV.

      I used to get the small western comics, Buck Jones, Kit Carson, JW, and many others. I think that part of my childhood never left me, and the association with JW was particularly strong.

      Some years ago I started collecting the plates made about JW, starting with the Franklin Mint ones. I then started getting as many others that I could find. I have always had the 'collecting' thing. That stopped for some years as I was too busy with work and family, then it started again a few years ago. I recently resurrected my web site on JW plates after I found that some new official plates were on sale.

      I wonder if today's young children will carry on the legacy as most of their interests are with computer games and the like. They do not seem to be interested in westerns.

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      Back in the late 1930s we would go to Old Fox Theater in Phoenix every Saterday and spend the day watching Western Movies and all the Great Movie Cowboys of that time !
      Then in the Late 1939 There was a Block Buster Film Called,
      From That time on I was a John Wayne Fan !!!
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      I became a John Wayne fan very young. When I was little during the summer my dad would come home for lunch everyday and he would put in a John Wayne film. Through all of these movies I would sit and ask my dad question after question about the people on places and events and he would patiently answer every one that he could. Not only did I really enjoy spending time with my dad but I also loved these movies many of which are still some of my favorite John Wayne movies.
      [COLOR="Indigo"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="2"]"Tomorrow is the most important thing in life..." ~John Wayne~[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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      My case is a bit out of the ordinary. Had some sort of night terror attacks when I was very young. My Dad got tired of me crying outside their door and it was the 60's. A therapist? Hell no! Mom and me (there were 6 other children) slept downstairs on the couch. I had inherited her "lack of a need for sleep". When I was "put" to bed something went wrong in my head. ANYWAY. The way it worked, for about two years, was I would be sent into the living room at my regular bedtime and lay on the couch while my older brothers and sisters watched TV in the den. When they all went to sleep Mom would come in and open up the couch, get crackers and we'd start watching old black and white movies till I eventually fell asleep. I never had trouble getting up in the morning so this wasn't a problem. I fell in love with ALL the old movie stars, but decided John Wayne was the one I would marry. First childhood trauma? My Mom got sick of hearing me say it and told me I couldn't because he was as "old as grandpa". First childhood rebellion? Called my Mom a big, fat liar, stamped my foot, told her I'd do what I said I'd do and stormed off. Waited until I got to my room to cry...Hell, even when I was a punk rocker I loved John a graduate film student I loved John Wayne...I have always and will always love John Wayne...and when my mom passed away early this year I "retreated to the womb of Wayne" and spent a week watching John Wayne movies non-stop. And there you have it!

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    • Re: How Do You Became A John Wayne Fan?

      Hi Duchess61,

      to The JWMB- The Original John Wayne Message Board
      where fans come to have fun!

      Please take a look around,
      we're a friendly bunch of folks,
      and there is a wealth of information to see,
      regarding the great man.

      You may find these links useful:-

      John Wayne:- A Newbies Guide to Duke

      Link to Duke's Movies, Co-Stars- Pals Of The Saddle and Movie Locations
      Best Wishes
      London- England
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      Wow, that is a unique, wonderful story!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

      WELCOME to the Original John Wayne Message Board, the friendliest forum dedicated to John Wayne that you are likely to find anywhere!! As you will discover (if you haven't already), you have joined with fans from around the world who share a love of the great John "Duke" Wayne. It is a friendly, knowledgeable bunch that range in age from teens up into the eighties. We love to talk about John Wayne, and a variety of other topics as well.

      Have fun, and we look forward to getting better acquainted in the days and weeks to come!

      Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:
    • Re: How Do You Became A John Wayne Fan?

      Hello everyone, I became a John Wayne fan back in summer of 1969 when I went to the movies with my parents at the Jersey Shore and saw True Grit. Every time I see the movie or Duke, it brings back memories of my father. Although my father has been gone for 20 years, I still have connection to him through John Wayne. I have collected Wayne autographs over the last 15 or so years. I have over 40 examples, not just photos or album pages. I have some very unique items including a screen actors guild signed application, a hotel regestration, several signed movie contracts, a wonderful letter to Hal Wallis detailing how Rooster Cogburn should be portrayed in the opening scenes of "Rooster Cogburn". Two of my most prized possessions are a hand written Thanksgiving card to his ailing mother while filming in Durango, and finally...Duke's working script from the Shootist which was signed by Wayne, Bacall, Morgan, Howard,Boone and the rest of the cast and production crew. This script was inscribed by Duke and given to the Carringtons. The Carringtons owened the home that used in the film that was run by Bond Rogers played by Lauren Bacall. This home is now known as the Kreb-Peterson Home. Can you imagine owning John Wayne's last script?
      Although I do not do this as any type of business, I would be happy to answer any questions regarding your Duke autographs. I can tell a forgery in a secound or two. I can even tell you in which period the signature was done as his autograph had changed a bit over time. Good luck to all!