Last Non Western You Watched

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    • Re: Last Non Western You Watched

      Went to the movies twice yesterday. First one was Risen, story about a Roman Tribune, who's ordered by Pilate to make sure Jesus is dead and to make sure Jesus followers do not steal the body so they can proclaim He is risen. Thought it was a very good movie, even though there was a bit of fiction added with that plot line. Still, it was not irreverent to God or Jesus in any way and the actor who portrayed Jesus did a good job in the brief time he was on screen, and Joseph Fiennes was quite good as Tribune Flavius.
      Second flick I saw was complete opposite as far as subject matter goes. I saw Deadpool, a superhero movie that is definitely not for the younger kids. A lot of good action, funny, but the language and innuendo's were quite nasty. However my son and I enjoyed it very much. Ryan Reynolds is Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool.
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      "The Talk of the Town" on TCM a few minutes ago. Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Ronald Coleman. From 1942, Grant is accused of murder and arson. Coleman is the lawyer that eventually tries to find him not guilty.
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