Duke's Companion- Pat Stacy

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    • After reading this entire thread, there are several inaccuracies, one of which stated that his last wife left him because of his lifestyle. If you read her book, John Wayne: My Life With the Duke by Pilar Wayne, and
      lex Thorleifsonthat she left because she was tired of living in his shadow and being Mrs. John Wayne. She wanted to be her own person and known for her art work.

      Does anyone else find it interesting that his last wife, Pilar Pallete, having been separated 5 years before his death and after remarrying TWICE after his death, identifies herself as "John Wayne's Widow?" What a crass way to sell paintings in order to make money......
    • I don't know if she uses her moniker of John Wayne's widow to sell paintings. She married well several times and looks like she didn't need the extra income. Being Duke's widow is her claim to fame. John Wayne was such an iconic actor and American, people still want to learn more about him. I am sure she is still asked all the time about her life with him. Even without her pushing the "widow" line, she will always be identified as that.

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "