Warner Bros

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    • Warner Bros

      1918 (as Warner Bros. West Coast Studios)
      1923 (as Warner Bros. Pictures)

      Burbank, California, United States

      Key People
      Kevin Tsujihara (Chairman and CEO)
      Edward A. Romano (Vice Chairman)
      Toby Emmerich (President and Chief Content Officer)

      For more information;-
      Warner Bros- Wikipedia

      Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.,
      also known as Warner Bros. Pictures
      or simply Warner Bros. (the often-spoken Warner Brothers
      is not used by the company, despite the fact that "bros."
      is an abbreviation of "brothers")
      is an American producer of film and television entertainment.

      One of the major film studios, it is a subsidiary of Time Warner,
      with its headquarters in Burbank, California and New York City.
      Warner Bros. has several subsidiary companies, including

      Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
      Warner Bros. Television
      Warner Bros. Animation
      Warner Home Video
      Warner Bros. Digital Networks

      New Line Cinema
      Castle Rock Entertainment
      Turner Entertainment Co
      DC Entertainment
      DC Films
      The CW (50%)
      Flagship Entertainment (49%)

      One of the studio's first CinemaScope films,
      The High and the Mighty (now owned by John Wayne's
      company Batjac),
      enabled the studio to show a profit.


      Movies produced/released by Warner Bros.

      For more information;-
      Warner Bros- Wikipedia

      Warner Brothers, Western Street

      Scenes from
      The Shootist
      filmed here

      In late May 2003, the Laramie Street western sets were bulldozed away,
      being replaced by a new suburban street.
      The following pictures are from the personal collection of Stephen Lodge.

      Looking north or northeast.
      This is what was at one time called Laramie Street;
      that was when Warner's had another huge Western Street set.
      Together that made for blocks and blocks of streets.
      This was taken around 1980, when, I think, they were doing the new Maverick series
      with James Garner.
      An article in Life magazine in the late '50's showed the WB
      back lot Western streets from the air. and there were
      at least six companies shooting on one block,
      around the corner, on the next block, etc.

      Looking east or southeast. Note the side street.
      This side street could be used as an entirely different town,
      when shot from different angles.

      Taken from the side street looking west or southwest toward the main street.
      This angle seen many times in old Mavericks, Sugarfoots, Cheyennes, etc,
      in the '50's. It looked like a back lot even then.

      Looking south or southwest. Note the familiar mountain in the background.
      possibly Mt. Lee!, the other side is the Hollywood sign.
      It can also be seen in many pictures shot on the Universal back lot
      which parallels Warner Bros.

      Photographs by Stephen Lodge

      Warner Bros V.I.P. Studio Tour

      For more information;-
      Warner Bros- Wikipedia

      For more information
      Studios, Backlots and Ranches

      [extendedmedia]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OT9HsNszYCI [/extendedmedia]

      All information correct at original posting, for updated information
      please click on wikipedia link
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Movie Studios- Warner Brothers

      Duke made many movies with WB
      which spanned his career,
      from early oaters, to some of his best loved films.
      Duke's Batjac's movies and before that, his Wayne/ Fellows productions,
      were mainly released or distributed by WB.
      Here are the movies:-

      1927. THE DROP KICK - (First National) Uncredited but visibly seen.
      1928. NOAH'S ARK- (Warner Brothers/First National)
      1929. THE FORWARD PASS- (First National))
      1932. HAUNTED GOLD.- (WB)
      1932. RIDE HIM COWBOY- (WB)
      1932. THE BIG STAMPEDE- (WB)
      1933. CENTRAL AIRPORT- (WB)
      1933. BABY FACE- (WB)
      1933. THE MAN FROM MONTERY- (WB)
      1933. COLLEGE COACH- (WB)
      1952. BIG JIM McLAIN- (Wayne-Fellows/WB)
      1953. ISLAND IN THE SKY- (Wayne-Fellows/WB)
      1953. HONDO- (Wayne-Fellows/WB)
      1954. THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY- (Wayne-Fellows/WB)
      1955. THE SEA CHASE- (WB)
      1955. BLOOD ALLEY- (Batjac/WB)
      1956. THE SEARCHERS- (C V Whitney Pictures/WB)
      1959. RIO BRAVO- (Armada/WB)
      1968. THE GREEN BERETS- (Batjac/WB/Seven Arts)
      1969. CHISUM- (Batjac/WB)
      1971. THE COWBOYS- (Stanford/WB)
      1972. CANCEL MY RESERVATION- (Naho/WB)
      1973. THE TRAIN ROBBERS- (Batjac/WB)
      1973. CAHILL:- U.S. MARSHAL- (Batjac/WB)
      1974. McQ- (Batjac/Levy-Gardner/WB)

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Movie Studios/Backlot- Warner Bros

      Went to Warner Brothers Studios Museum on 12/16/11 and saw two of The Duke's outfits up close there: His Khaki uniform from "Operation Pacific" and his deep blue long coat from "The Sea Chase". He was a big, big man. As expected, his clothing bore witness that he was just as tall and broad-shouldered and strong as he appears to be in his films. Wow.

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