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    • Founded
      May 8, 1912;
      104 years ago(as Famous Players Film Company)
      1914; 103 years ago (as Paramount Pictures)

      W. W. Hodkinson
      Adolph Zukor
      Jesse L. Lasky

      Hollywood, Los Angeles, Caifornia, United States

      Key People
      Brad Grey (Chairman and CEO)
      Rob Moore (Vice Chairman)
      Frederick D. Huntsberry (COO)



      For more information:-
      Paramount Pictures- Wikipedia

      Paramount Pictures Corporation
      (known professionally as Paramount Pictures
      and often referred to simply as Paramount)
      is an American film production and distribution company,
      located at 5555 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, Califorina.
      Founded in 1912, it that has been a subsidiary of the American media
      conglomerate Viacom since 1994.
      Paramount is the fifth oldest surviving film studio in the world,
      the second oldest in the United States, and the sole member
      of the "Big Six" film studios still located in the Los Angeles
      neighborhood of Hollywood. Paramount is a member of
      Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

      In 2014, Paramount Pictures became the first major Hollywood studio
      to distribute all of its films in digital form only.

      Paramount is consistently ranked as one of the top-grossing movie studios.


      A view of the western street as seen in a still from the 1957 Henry Fonda film, "The Tin Star".
      Stuntperson in the buckboard is Martha Crawford Cantarini

      The four colour photos of the Western Street are by John Gleeson

      For more information:-
      Paramount Pictures- Wikipedia

      For more information
      Studios, Backlots and Ranches

      [extendedmedia] [/extendedmedia]

      All information correct at original posting, for updated information
      please click on Wikipedia link
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Movie Studios- Paramount

      Duke's contract with Nat Levine at Mascot
      was non exclusive.
      Paramount hired Duke on a freelance basis for a supporting role
      in Lady and Gent
      The movie was superior to the movies he made at Coumbia,
      and Paramount represented a step back into the major leagues!

      Duke made 13 movies for Paramount,
      including significantly his last one, and his one and only Oscar one!

      1932. LADY AND GENT.- (Paramount)
      1937. BORN TO THE WEST(Helltown)- (Paramount)
      1941. THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS- (Paramount)
      1942. REAP THE WILD WIND- (Paramount)
      1962. THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE- (John Ford Productions/Paramount)
      1962. HATARI!- (Malabar/Paramount)
      1963. DONOVANS REEF- (John Ford Procuctions/Paramount)
      1964. THE MAGNIFICENT SHOWMAN(Circus World)- (Bronston-Midway/Paramount)
      1965. IN HARMS WAY- (Sigma/Paramount)
      1965. THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER- (Hal Wallis Productions/Paramount)
      1967. ELDORADO- (Lauen/Paramount)
      1969. TRUE GRIT- (Hal Wallis Productions/Paramount)
      1976. THE SHOOTIST- (Dino De Laurentiis/Parmount)
      Best Wishes
      London- England