Rooster Cogburn

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    • Well, now . . . I haven't seen Rooster Cogburn in quite some time, and my wife had never seen it before. We had a perfectly delightful evening watching John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn matching wits with each other. When they were passing out Academy Awards, I think both John and Katherine deserved them for this performance. I actually think it was much better than True Grit, had more depth and much better dialogue. There were many great quotes, I almost should watch it again, so I can write them all down. :D

      We'll be watching e-bay and for a reasonably priced copy on this one for sure!


      P.S. One would definitely get the impression that Rooster had worn a gray uniform in the War Between the States after watching this movie!
    • I loved the pairing of Duke and Hepburn very much. It was about time they shared the screen together and too bad they never got the chance to do it again. They had talked of doing another sequal to Rooster titled "Someday" if Rooster did well at the box office. It didn't, so they never progressed with it. The title came from the discussion they had at the end of Rooster Cogburn when they talked of seeing each other again...Someday! Too bad it didn't happen. We were cheated out of another great Duke film! :angry:
      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Chester

      You're right there are some truly great lines in that one. Like when Rooster sets that trap for the wagon and fools them into thinking he has a posse, then some one does something to piss him off and he yells, "Prepare to meet your maker." Or something like that. You certainly are right, Hepburn and the duke did make a very lively pair. :)

    • I watched (most of) Rooster Cogburn yesterday. (Is it called Rooster Cogburn, or Rooster Cogburn... and the Lady?) Anyhoo, I thought it was immensely enjoyable - not his best movie, certainly, but lots of fun and I greatly enjoyed the interplay between he and Kate Hepburn. Here you've got two people who seem like complete opposites and yet really seem to have a great deal of respect for each other. I wonder if this translated to their off-screen working relationship too; I like to think so.

      Of course, there were lots of elements in it that reminded me a great deal of The African Queen - the movie KH made with Humphrey Bogart, where he played a hard-drinking "sinner" and she played a "Bible-beating" spinster.

      Can someone help me with the exact quote from KH's little speech at the end of the film? She talks about Rooster's big bear paws and his one sparkling eye and tells him that he's a credit to the male sex. I found it incredibly touching and it almost brought tears to my eyes. I think it expresses how a lot of ladies feel about Duke. :wub:
    • Hi, Jen. I'm new here. Nice to meet you.

      That always brings a lump to my throat, too. John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn are two of my very favorites, and every minute of watching them together is a treat. I agree, there are tons of similarities between this movie and The African Queen (another of my favorites of hers .. hmm, I wonder if there's a forum as good as this for Katharine Hepburn fans?).

      I looked up the exact wording, and I'm pretty sure this is accurate:

      I look at you with your burnt out face and your big belly and your bear like paws and your shining eye, and I have to say, you’re a credit to the whole male sex. And I’m proud to have you for my friend.

      Don't you just love that speech? It's when she gets to "shining eye," and her voice catches and a tear shines in her eye, that gets to me every time.

      As for the title, I think it was released under both titles, "Rooster Cogburn" in the U.S., and "Rooster Cogburn and the Lady" elsewhere. Somebody else can probably verify this better than I can. I don't know why they do that to movies! They do it to books, too.

      - Sue
    • hi jen and sue

      down under that movie was released under both names and i know what you mean about name changes they did that to one of our movies called "mad max" down under but in the US it was known as "the road warrior" i think it has something to do with appeal to the different countries that is why they change the names of books and movies

      cheers smokey
      " its not all black and white, but different shades of grey"
    • Thanks so much, Sue! Welcome! I'm pretty new here as well but it already feels nice & cosy & homey.

      So pull up a chair and set a spell by the fire. :)

      Thanks for the quote! Awww. I love it. Yes, KH looked like she had tears in her eyes there and it felt so real. When you've got such great actors working together you're bound to have something special.

      In The African Queen, I get a lump in my throat when Rose says, "Dear, what is your name?" He says "Charlie," and she says "Charlie. It's a nice name!" or something to that effect. Simple things can be so beautiful sometimes!
    • Murray,

      I did get a copy of Rooster Cogburn, so long ago I don't remember when it was anymore. In retrospect, after having watched it a few more times, I would admit that True Grit is a little better, but I still think Duke and Miss Hepburn were deserving of Oscars for their performances.

      Plus, Rooster Cogburn was filmed in Oregon! I just returned from there last night, and it is as beautiful as ever.

      Chester :newyear: