What Are Your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

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    • What Are Your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      We have had similar threads similar to this some years back,
      but now with so many new members, and more releases,
      perhaps now is a good time to ask the question again.

      What Are Your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      Many top westerns have been profiled,
      but many of us may have favourites that could be reviewed.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: What are your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      Here are mine, divided by actor. There are probably many I've missed, especially those featuring Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea. Also, several of the films named feature two big names.

      Yellow Sky (Gregory Peck)
      The Gunfighter
      The Bravadoes
      The Big Country
      The Stalking Moon
      Gunfight at the OK Corral (Burt Lancaster)
      Ulzana's Raid
      The Fastest Gun Alive (Glenn Ford)
      3:10 to Yuma
      The Sheepman
      The Rounders
      Jesse James (Henry Fonda)
      The Ox Bow Incident
      My Darling Clementine
      The Tin Star
      A Big Hand For the Little Lady
      There Was a Crooked Man
      The Big Sky (Kirk Douglas)
      Last Train From Gun Hill
      Lonely Are The Brave
      Monte Walsh (Lee Marvin)
      Western Union (Randolph Scott)
      Thunder Over The Plains
      Ride the High Country
      Wells Fargo (Joel McCrea)
      Union Pacific
      Buffalo Bill
      Gunfight at Dodge City
      Shane (Alan Ladd)
      Will Penny (Charlton Heston)
      Pale Rider (Clint Eastwood)
      Outlaw Josey Wales
      Canyon Passage (Dana Andrews)
      Dodge City (Errol Flynn)
      They Died with Their Boots On
      High Noon (Gary Cooper)
      *Northwest Mounted Police
      Culpepper Cattle Company (Gary Grimes)
      Support Your Local Sheriff (James Garner)
      Man From Laramie (James Stewart)
      Bend of the River
      The Naked Spur
      Winchester 73
      Broken Arrow
      True Grit (Jeff Bridges)
      Dances With Wolves (Kevin Costner)
      Open Range
      Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid (Paul Newman)
      Copper Canyon (Ray Milland)
      The Last Wagon (Richard Widmark)
      Five Card Stud (Robert Mitchum)
      River of No Return
      Jeremiah Johnson (Robert Redford)
      3:10 to Yuma (Russell Crowe)
      Tom Horn (Steve McQueen)
      Magnificent Seven
      Quigley Down Under (Tom Selleck)
      Lonesome Dove (Robert Duvall)
      Kings of the Sun (Yul Brynner)
      Calamity Jane (Doris Day)
      *Tombstone (Kurt Russell)
      *Mask of Zorro (Anthony Hopkins)
      *Northwest Passage (Spencer Tracy)
      *Mark of Zorro (Tyrone Power)
      *Treasure of the Sierra Madre (Humphrey Bogart)
      *The Harvey Girls (Judy Garland)
      * = Added

      Westerns have always been my favorite genre, by far, so in addition to those shown above, I used to spend hours as a kid watching weekend matinees with Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autrey, Roy Rogers, Lash La Rue. Johnny Mack Brown, Tom Mix and other "B" grade stars. Some of those old "B" grade movies weren't bad but it's been so long ago, I can't remember all the titles. I especially liked Hopalong and Lash La Rue. After my family finally acquired a television, about 1950, I spent more hours watching broadcast TV Westerns, both movies and series.
      De gustibus non est disputandum

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    • Re: What are your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      Boy picking a favorite non Wayne western is a bit difficult for me as I love a lot of B westerns of the 30's - 50's. It's easier for me to name off by star than by title. but here are one or two A pictures

      Five Card Stud (Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum)
      The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold (Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels)
      The Pale Rider (Clint Eastwood)
      Quigley Down Under (Tom Selleck)
      Son of Paleface (Bob Hope, Roy Rogers, Jane Russell)
    • Re: What are your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      here's my list

      whispering smith(alan ladd)
      red mountain
      drum beat
      backlash(richard widmark)
      last wagon
      smoke signal(dana andrews)
      canyon passage
      the savage(charlton heston)
      pony express
      will penny
      major dundee
      the texas rangers(fred macmurray)
      gun for a coward
      good day for a hanging
      face of a fugitive
      arrow in the dust(sterling hayden)
      johnny guitar
      the last command
      flaming feather
      denver and the rio grande
      silverload(john payne)
      the road to denver
      santa fe passage
      rails into laramie
      tennesse's partner
      the hired gun(rory calhoun)
      red sundown
      ride out for revenge
      four guns to the border
      pillars in the sky(jeff chandler)
      the great sioux uprising
      battle at apache pass
      bugles in the afternoon(ray milland)
      a man alone
      son of the morning star(gary cole)
      the raid(van heflin)
      canyon river(george montgomery)
      the texas rangers
      the tall men(clark gable)
      lone star
      they rode west(robert francis)
      lonesome dove(tommy lee jones)
      purgatory(sam sheppard)
      the glory guys(tom tyron)
      dragoon wells massacre(barry sullivan)
      tonka(phil carey)
      the last posse(brodwick crawford)
      the maverick queen(barbara stanwyck)
      forty guns
      the furies
      cattle queen of montana
    • Re: What Are Your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      Sorry if the list is a little long, but The Western is my favorite genre. Even with this long list I know I’m leaving several out that I’ll think of later!

      Open Range
      3:10 to Yuma
      Crossfire Trail
      True Grit
      Mask of Zorro

      The Outlaw Josey Wales
      Pale Rider
      High Plains Drifter
      The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
      Hang Em High

      High Noon
      The Westerner
      The Hanging Tree
      Vera Cruz

      Winchester ‘73
      The Far Country
      Bend in the River

      The 40’s
      Santa Fe Trail
      Virginia City
      My Darling Clementine
      Blood on the Moon

      Wagon Master
      The Violent Men
      3:10 To Yuma
      The Sheepman
      The Jayhawkers
      No Name on the Bullet
      Last Train From Gun Hill
      Gunfight at OK Corral

      The Magnificent Seven
      How the West Was Won (Duke does have a cameo, but his appearance is such a short duration, I never really considered this a John Wayne movie!)
      Ride the High Country
      Hour of the Gun
      Support Your Local Sheriff
      Five Card Stud
      Once Upon a Time in the West

      Monte Walsh
      The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
      Support Your Local Gunfighter
      The Sacketts

      Lonesome Dove
      Young Guns

      Quigley Down Under
      Young Guns 2
      Streets of Laredo
      The Quick and the Dead
    • Re: What Are Your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      High Noon..
      Bad Girls
      Buffalo Gals
      Wyatt Earp
      3:10 to Yuma
      Young Guns 1 & 2
      The Quick and The Dead
      True Grit (remake)
      The River of No Return
      (just to name a few)
    • Re: What Are Your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      Like ZS_Maverick I too enjoy the Western genre. There are many, many westerns that I enjoy but there are three mini series and two theatrical releases that make the top of my list:

      LONESOME DOVE...the best western ever made not a mistep any where..."A man that wouldn't cheat doesn't want a poke bad enough."..."Just once in my life I'd like to shoot at an educated man."
      CENTENNIAL.........every episode is good but the mountain men/cattle drive is top drawer
      SON OF THE MORNING STAR....(and the companion piece CRAZY HORSE) certainly not totally correct but closer than any other visual representation to date
      SHANE...still great after all these years and Jack Palance with "Prove it"...wow
      BROKEN ARROW...Jimmy Stewart is very good but Jay Silverheels as Geronimo sends chills down your spine with..."This is Apache Land, it is Cochise Land and where Cochise lives...no white man can live!!!"

      Like the rest of you I can go on and on...MAJOR DUNDEE, TOMBSTONE, WILL PENNY, LAST COMMAND, 2004 ALAMO, OPEN RANGE, all TNT Tom Selleck movies...LITTLE BIG MAN, DANCES WITH WOLVES...I could be doing this all night
    • Re: What Are Your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      Off the top of my head ...

      2008 Appaloosa
      2007 No Country For Old Men -- contemporary western
      2007 Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford
      2003 Open Range

      1999 The Hi-Lo Country -- contemporary western
      1996 Lone Star -- contemporary western
      1995 The Good Old Boys -- made-for-TV
      1992 O Pioneers! -- Hallmark TV film
      1992 Conagher
      1991 Sarah Plain and Tall -- Hallmark TV film

      1989 Lonesome Dove
      1988 The Tracker -- made-for-cable
      1987 The Quick and the Dead -- made-for-cable
      1986 The Red-Head Stranger
      1984 Calamity Jane -- made-for-TV
      1983 Tender Mercies -- contemporary western
      1982 Barbarosa
      1982 Ballad of Gregorio Cortez

      1980 Tom Horn
      1980 The Long Riders
      1979 The Sacketts -- TV mini-series
      1979 Heartland
      1979 Eagle's Wing
      1978 Comes a Horseman -- contemporary western
      1978 China 9 Liberty 37 -- American-made in Spain
      1977 Another Man, Another Chance -- French-made in USA
      1976 The Outlaw Josey Wales
      1975 I Will Fight No More Forever
      1974 Zandy's Bride -- Swedish-made in USA
      1973 The Red Pony -- made-for-TV with Henry Fonda
      1973 Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
      1973 Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
      1972 Ulzana's Raid
      1972 Pocket Money -- contemporary western
      1972 The New Land -- Swedish-made in USA
      1972 J.W. Coop -- contemporary western
      1972 Junior Bonner -- contemporary western
      1972 Jeremiah Johnson
      1972 Bad Company
      1971 McCabe & Mrs. Miller
      1971 The Last Picture Show
      1971 The Hired Hand
      1971 Hannie Caulder -- American-made in Spain
      1971 A Gunfight
      1971 The Emigrants -- Swedish-made in USA

      1970 Two Mules For Sister Sara
      1970 Run, Simon, Run -- contemporary western, made-for-TV
      1970 Monte Walsh
      1970 A Man Called Horse
      1970 Ballad of Cable Hogue
      1969 The Wild Bunch
      1969 Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here
      1969 Support Your Local Sheriff
      1969 Paint Your Wagon
      1969 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
      1968 Will Penny
      1968 Villa Rides!
      1968 The Stalking Moon
      1968 The Shakiest Gun In the West
      1968 Bandolero!
      1967 La Soldadera -- Mexico
      1967 Hour of the Gun
      1967 Hombre
      1966 The Professionals
      1966 Duel at Diablo
      1966 The Appaloosa
      1965 The Shooting
      1965 Ride In the Whirlwind
      1965 The Rounders
      1963 Hud -- contemporary western
      1963 How the West Was Won
      1962 Ride the High Country
      1962 Lonely Are the Brave -- contemporary western
      1961 One-Eyed Jacks
      1961 The Misfits -- contemporary western

      1960 The Unforgiven
      1960 Sergeant Rutledge
      1960 Pancho Villa and Valentina -- Mexico
      1960 Flaming Star
      1960 Cuando ¡Viva Villa! es la muerte -- Mexico
      1960 Comanche Station
      1959 The Wonderful Country
      1959 Warlock
      1959 The Hanging Tree
      1959 La Cucaracha -- Mexico
      1958 Tonka -- Disney
      1958 Ride a Crooked Trail
      1958 The Left-Handed Gun
      1958 From Hell To Texas
      1958 The Big Country
      1957 3:10 to Yuma
      1957 The Tin Star
      1957 This Was Pancho Villa -- Mexico
      1957 Old Yeller -- Disney
      1957 The Lonely Man
      1957 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
      1956 Seven Men From Now
      1956 Man From Del Rio
      1956 Bus Stop -- contemporary western
      1955 Wichita
      1955 The Man From Laramie
      1955 The Littlest Outlaw -- Disney
      1955 The Last Command
      1955 Giant -- contemporary western
      1955 Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier -- Disney
      1955 Bandido
      1954 Track of the Cat
      1954 Ride Clear of Diablo
      1954 The Outcast
      1954 Masterson of Kansas
      1954 Four Guns to the Border
      1954 The Far Country
      1954 The Command
      1954 Bad Day at Black Rock -- contemporary western
      1954 Apache
      1953 Shane
      1953 The Naked Spur
      1953 Gun Fury
      1953 Arrowhead
      1952 Viva Zapata!
      1952 Ride the Man Down
      1952 High Noon
      1952 The Big Sky
      1952 Bend of the River
      1951 Westward the Women
      1951 Vengeance Valley
      1951 Rawhide
      1951 Along the Great Divide

      1950 Wagon Master
      1950 The Sundowners
      1950 High Lonesome
      1950 The Gunfighter
      1950 Devil's Doorway
      1950 Broken Arrow
      1950 Ambush!
      1949 Yellow Sky
      1949 Roughshod
      1949 The Red Pony
      1949 Colorado Territory
      1948 Station West
      1948 Four Faces West
      1948 Coroner Creek
      1948 Blood On the Moon
      1947 Sea of Grass
      1947 Ramrod
      1947 Pursued
      1946 My Darling Clementine
      1946 Duel In the Sun
      1945 Along Came Jones
      1943 The Ox-Bow Incident
      1941 Western Union
      1941 Tombstone the Town Too Tough to Die
      1941 They Died With Their Boots On

      1940 The Westerner
      1940 The Return of Frank James
      1940 The Mark of Zorro
      1940 The Grapes of Wrath -- contemporary western
      1940 Arizona
      1939 The Marshall of Mesa City
      1939 Jesse James
      1939 Frontier Marshall
      1938 The Cowboy and the Lady
      1937 The Plainsman
      1937 Borderland
      1936 Trail Dust
      1936 Trail of the Lonesome Pine
      1936 The Robin Hood of El Dorado
      1936 The Phantom of Santa Fe
      1936 Let's Go With Pancho Villa -- Mexico
      1936 The Bold Caballero
      1935 The Arizonian -- with Richard Dix
      1934 Viva Villa!
      1934 Compadre Mendoza -- Mexico
      1933 Prisoner 13 -- Mexico
      1932 Law and Order -- with Walter Huston
      1931 The Sunrise Trail -- with George O'Brien
      1931 Riders of the Purple Sage -- with George O'Brien
      1931 The Cisco Kid -- with Warner Baxter
      1931 Cimarron

      1930 The Lone Star Ranger -- with George O'Brien
      1930 Last of the Duanes -- with George O'Brien
      1930 Billy the Kid -- with Johnny Mack Brown
      1929 The Virginian -- with Gary Cooper
      1928 The Wind
      1928 In Old Arizona -- Warner Baxter as the Cisco Kid
      1927 Nevada -- with Gary Cooper
      1927 The Last Outlaw -- with Gary Cooper
      1925 Tumbleweed -- with William S. Hart
      1924 The Iron Horse
      1923 The Covered Wagon
      1920 Wagon Tracks -- with William S. Hart
      1917 Straight Shooting
      1917 The Narrow Trail -- with William S. Hart
      1916 Hell's Hinges -- with William S. Hart
      1915 Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaw
      1912 Custer's Last Fight

      i shortchanged the silents because I'm too tired to go look up the dates.


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    • Re: What Are Your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      People ! People!...only mentioned once above in all these posts...BUT It's hands down..got to be: (2) The Wild Bunch..Wiiliam Holden:"Ten thousand in gold..cuts a lot of family ties...) and The Professionals...Lee Marvin/Burt Lancaster "Partner...! We been had!".....And so it is...Have a good weekend...Make sure you water the heard...Downstream...TJ The Lawman
      A Man..should know how to handle a gun..Use it with Discretion...:cowboy:
    • Re: What Are Your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      Ride the High Country
      Cat Ballou
      True Grit (2010)
      Jeremiah Johnson
      Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
      3:10 to Yuma (2007)
      Last of the Mohicans (It takes place in the east but it has Indians in it)
      The Rare Breed
      Seven Ways From Sundown

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    • Re: What Are Your Favourite Non-Duke Westerns?

      The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
      High Plains Drifter
      Magnificent Seven
      Hour Of The Gun
      The Quick And The Dead
      Lonesome Dove
      Fistful Of Dollars
      For A Few Dollars More
      Pale Rider
      Curse Of The Undead (low budget vampire western, I love it)
      Open Range
      3:10 To Yuma (both versions)
      Blazing Saddles
      The Man From Laramie
      The Long Riders
      Quigley Down Under
      (just to name a few)
      They'd never forget the day,the stranger rode into town