Cab to Canada (1998) (TV)

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    • Cab to Canada (1998) (TV)



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Fact-based story about a Pasadena cab driver who picks up
      what he believes is a routine fare, an elderly woman on her way to a funeral.
      However, the wealthy woman is soon is insisting that the cabbie drive her
      on a cross-country trip that ends up entailing 3100 miles
      and ending in Vancouver.
      Initially contentious, the two eventually find a reluctant friendship growing.
      Written by John Sacksteder

      Full Cast
      Maureen O'Hara ... Katherine Eure
      Jason Beghe ... Mike Donahue
      Catherine Bell ... Sandy
      Haley Joel Osment ... Bobby
      Brigitta Dau ... Lisa (Bobby's Mom)
      Azura Skye ... Jet (Runaway)
      Efrem Zimbalist Jr. ... Vice Chancellor
      Adilah Barnes ... Judge
      Davis Gaines ... Maitre D'
      Dennis Howard ... Mr. Wallace
      Jim Jansen ... Hotel Manager
      Lisa Long ... Wealthy Yuppie
      Lego Louis ... Doorman
      Betty McGuire ... Rachel
      Paul McKenna ... Sheepish Policeman
      Ken Michelman ... Slick Real Estate Agent
      Larry Raben ... Pristine Cab Driver
      Simms Thomas ... Reporter
      John Michael Vaughn ... Police Officer
      Maia Winters ... Young Salesgirl
      John Michael ... Family Mourner (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Beth Polson (story)
      Dalene Young (teleplay)

      Erica Fox .... producer
      Reed McColm .... co-producer
      Jeff Parkin .... co-producer
      Beth Polson .... executive producer
      Dalene Young .... co-producer

      Original Music
      Alan Williams

      John Newby

      Memorable Quotes
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Maureen O'Hara TV- Cab to Canada (1998)

      Based on a true story, the made-for-TV Cab to Canada stars
      the indomitable Maureen O'Hara as Katherine Eure,
      a wealthy and very proper "little old lady from Pasadena."
      En route to a funeral, Katherine summons the cab driven
      by one Mike Donahue (Jason Beghe).
      In answer to the traditional "Where to, lady?,"
      Kathryn knocks Mike for a loop when she imperiously insists
      upon being driven to Vancouver, British Columbia...some 3,100 miles away.
      During the motor odyssey that follows, Kathryn proves that she's something
      substantially more than just another arrogant old dowager,
      just as the down-to-earth Mike loses his natural-born animosity
      toward those better off than himself.
      Meanwhile, the authorities are at their wit's end, convinced that Kathryn
      has been kidnapped, and are prepared to mete out harsh
      punishment for her captor.
      A pre-Sixth Sense Haley Joel Osment appears as Bobby.
      Cab to Canada made its CBS network bow on November 29, 1998.
      Written by Hal Erickson, Rovi

      User Review

      11 July 2003 | by DJE-fan (Delt, The Netherlands)
      I really, really like this film and not only because one of my favorite actresses
      (Catherine Bell) is in it.
      The story is wonderful and sweet and the actors have done a great job.
      Especially Jason Beghe, who portrays Mike Donahue.
      You really feel for him when he's dragged all the way to Canada
      with this lady and still tries to be polite.
      The end of the movie is also great (o how I love happy endings!).
      I hope the real story ended this way too.
      If you can't get enough of Catherine, you should watch the TV show J.A.G. sometimes.
      She really has a great role in that one.
      By for now! AN
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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