2013 John Wayne Birthday Celebration in Winterset, Iowa

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  • The John Wayne Birthplace is honored that Maureen O’Hara and her family have accepted our invitation to attend the John Wayne Birthday Celebration in Winterset, Iowa on May 24-25, 2013!

    Tickets for the Museum Benefit Dinner at 5pm on Saturday, May 25th are available for purchase NOW at http://www.johnwaynebirthplace.org.

    This year’s Dinner will be held in a comfortable, air-conditioned indoor venue. Dinner tickets also include the Auction, sure to be a great one this year!

    All of the films starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara’s will be shown during the weekend. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Makes a GREAT GIFT for your favorite John Wayne and/or Maureen O’Hara fan!

  • This was the big suprise that I knew was coming but could not spread the word till it became official.
    I hope a few members can come to this years celebration and spend time with one of the great ladys of the screen.
    This is a dream come true for me.

    ''baby sister i was born game and intend to go out that way.''

  • Wow! This is very exciting news! :jump:

    I encourage as many as possible to try to attend this event - it is really a lot of fun to be hangin' out with so many John Wayne fans in the town of his birth. The events are planned well, and you will NOT be disappointed. The air-conditioned venue is a plus (it was REALLY hot last year!).

    Going to the local theater and seeing Duke on the BIG screen along with Maureen O'Hara, with other JW/MO'H fans is an experience you will not find anywhere else.

    We are planning to go, and we hope to see many of our JWMB friends there!

    Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:

  • I am tentatively planning on going. Will be trying to get my dad to go if he is interested.

    FYI...Yes, it has been awhile since I posted on here. Don't get to mad at me for being gone. :)

    Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
    -John Wayne

  • Not only is the air-conditioned venue for the Birthplace Museum Benefit Dinner very nice indeed (yes, it did get really hot under the tent last year)--with restrooms right there as well--BUT the Iowa Theatre has upgraded their projection equipment so that the experience of watching the films will be even nicer!

    AND we'll have access to a high-definition Blu-ray copy of "The Quiet Man" scanned at 4K FROM THE ORIGINAL NITRATE NEGATIVE which will be a massive improvement in image quality from what's been available until now. Frank Tarzi of Olive Films, who is releasing the restored version said:

    "A 3-strip Technicolor film like The Quiet Man needs special care. We've done a 4K scan off the original negative from the studio's archives but that's just the beginning. There's a very complicated re-mastering process that needs to be done for a Technicolor film like this and we want to get it right."

    A so-called 4K scan is roughly 4,000 lines of resolution, over 4 TIMES the quality of Blu-ray (4,096 H x 2,160 V; Blu-ray is 1920 H x 1080 V); it's the scan quality Hollywood uses when digitizing films to restore them for showing in digital movie theaters).

    For those of you who would be interested in having your own restored Blu-ray version of "The Quiet Man" it will be available for purchase on January 22, 2013. You can pre-order it now at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Quiet-An…eywords=quiet+man+blu-ray

  • Great to see you and the Mrs. again this year.

    ''baby sister i was born game and intend to go out that way.''

  • OK, it's official. I'm going! Yay!!

    I'm delighted that the Iowa Theatre has upgraded its equipment because the projections I saw there in 2011 were very bad. (Sorry, Iowa Theatre.)

    Rio Grande and Big Jake also available on Blu-ray and I hope they use those blu-rays in addition to the blu-ray of The Quiet Man.

    Almost five months to bone up on everything Maureen O'Hara. :)

  • Paula.
    So glad you can make this years celebration.
    This turning out to be the best birthday party since the o7 shin-dig.
    A few more surprise's I think are in store.

    ''baby sister i was born game and intend to go out that way.''

  • Thanks Paula.
    Hope you can make Winterset this year.
    This will be the last public appearance by Ms. O'Hara.

    Not sure yet if I'll be able to get to Winterset this year but I'll know later on in the spring. :) I'd sure love to be able to tell Miss O'Hara thank you for everything from a fan -- and then get a quote from her about Ben Johnson! ;)

    Wow . . . last public appearance by Maureen O'Hara! All the more reason to be there. The Mrs. and I have it on the calendar, will start making other reservations to go along with it!

    I hope to see MANY JWMB friends (both new and old, ones we've met in person and those we haven't yet) at this event!

    Chester :newyear:

  • OK, it's official. I'm going! Yay!!

    I'm delighted that the Iowa Theatre has upgraded its equipment because the projections I saw there in 2011 were very bad. (Sorry, Iowa Theatre.)

    The equipment two years ago had problems with register for the color guns, which was virtually imperceptible when projecting color films but when we set up to show the black-and-white films it was quite noticeable. The firm who sold and serviced that equipment had gone out of business, so the theatre had no way to get it fixed in time for that year's event.

    The equipment we had LAST year was already much better, and this year will be even better still! It will be amazing!

    And yes, Blu-ray will be used for all films for which it is available. Blu-ray, of course, looks better than DVD, but because the previous transfers of The Quiet Man on DVD were of such poor quality the new restored version looks to be stunning and worthy of the original Technicolor production that won the Academy Award for Best Color Cinematography!