2013 John Wayne Birthday Celebration in Winterset, Iowa

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    Actually it was the Blu-ray, which looks marvelous!

    The Wings of Eagles is not yet available in blu-ray, so that was definitely a DVD. But all the other titles are available in blu-ray and they did look to me like the blu-rays.

    There were actually three John Wayne impersonators that I spotted this year, and I did get pictures of the third one, but at the swing dance. He was not at the groundbreaking event, at least I don't remember him there and he's not in my pictures.

  • Such beautiful pictures, Paula. Thanks for sharing them with us. While we can't see the face of the second look alike, he has the cloths and body shape to be convincing.


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  • Hi, all, I have now posted my John Wayne birthday report and all my photos to my Ben Johnson page. Hey, it's on topic! ;) I met two people at the festival who knew Ben a bit. :) And of course Maureen O'Hara knew him (they made three movies together). ;)

    Anyway, go here: http://benjohnsonfanpage.shutterfly.com/festivals for the short account of the festival, then scroll down to the photo album. I'll never win an award for photography but I do recommend you open the album and click through on each photo as I have added additional comments to quite a few of the photos.

    If you sign in to Shutterfly, then you can download the photos (if you want to). When you download the photo, you'll get a much bigger version. Of course if you don't want to sign into Shutterfly but want the bigger version of a photo, just send me a private message and let me know which one you want and your e-mail. Or if, like me, you get an error message when trying to access private messages, just e-mail me at pvitaris@gmail.com.


  • Paula- thanks for all of the pictures and information. I got a feel for the fun and camaraderie you all had. Maureen is still beautiful at
    92. I have been there once at the end of the day. We had two grandchildren graduate high school and one college on the 25th. There
    will probably never be another celebration like that. I mean with Maureen there. Bravo!

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