Thunder Over the Plains (1953)

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    • Thunder Over the Plains (1953)




      Plot Summary
      It's 1869, Texas has not yet been readmitted to the Union,
      and carpetbaggers have taken over the state. Federal Captain Porter, a Texan,
      has to carry out orders against his own people.
      He brings in the rebel leader whom he knows is innocent of the murder
      for which he is charged.
      But in trying to prove his innocence, Porter now finds he is a wanted man.
      Written by Maurice VanAuken

      Randolph Scott ... Captain David Porter
      Lex Barker ... Captain Bill Hodges
      PPhyllis Kirk ... Norah Porter
      Charles McGraw ... Ben Westman
      Henry Hull ... Lt. Col. Chandler
      Elisha Cook Jr. ... Joseph Standish
      Hugh Sanders ... H.L. Balfour
      Lane Chandler ... Mike Faraday
      James Brown ... Conrad
      Fess Parker ... Kirby
      Mark Dana ... Lt. Williams
      Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Westman henchman (uncredited)
      and many more...

      André De Toth

      Writing Credits
      Russell S. Hughes ... (written by) (as Russell Hughes)

      David Weisbart ... producer

      David Buttolph

      Bert Glennon

      First role for Lex Barker after completing five Tarzan movies.

      The Cavalry men are seen using Cold Model 1873 pistols in a movie that takes place in 1869.

      When Captain David Porter finds Captain Bill Hodges making advances toward his wife,
      he has a vicious fight with his junior officer resulting in a bruised and bloody left cheek.
      The next day, however, the cheek appears to have healed overnight.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Dijon Street, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
      Warner Ranch, Calabasas, California, USA

      Watch the Movie

      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Thunder Over The Plains is a 1953 western film
      directed by Andre DeToth and starring Randolph Scott.

      The tag line on the original movie poster was “A tornado of adventure from Warner Bros.”
      The supporting cast features Lex Barker, Phyllis Kirk, Henry Hull, Elisha Cook, Jr. and Fess Parker.
      This was Barker's first film after starring in five Tarzan pictures.


      User Review

      Quite The Little Self Perpetuating Racket
      11 July 2010 | by bkoganbing (Buffalo, New York)

      BKO wrote:

      Thunder Over The Plains starts with the same premise as John Wayne's Red River and Randolph Scott's earlier film, The Texans.

      That is the corrupt rule of carpetbaggers post the Civil War.
      But there are no large herds of cattle to be driven north for profit to escape the burdensome taxes laid down by the occupying carpetbagger civil servants and the army to back them up.

      Randolph Scott is a Union army captain, but also a Texan and he sees both sides. Henry Hull is his put upon commanding officer and Charles McGraw plays a leader of a local gang who have risen up like Robin Hood among the oppressed. These guys aren't Ku Klux Klan nightriders by any means though.

      Our villains are Hugh Sanders and Elisha Cook, Jr. a pair of scurvy lowlifes if there ever were. They've got quite the little self perpetuating racket. The more they extort, the more McGraw raids, the more Sanders and Cook cry that the army has to stay in Texas. Just about anything is blamed on McGraw and his men.

      There's also a domestic crisis of sorts with newly arrived captain Lex Barker, an arrogant sort who was on duty in Washington and would like to get back there. Barker's bored and he makes a play for Phyllis Kirk who is married to Randolph Scott. Since they don't like each other from the beginning that only increases the problem.

      Andre DeToth who did several westerns including a few with Randolph Scott brought home a good one here. With themes like an attempt at adultery here, this was not a western for the Saturday matinée kiddie trade. DeToth's best in my opinion is one called Ramrod with Joel McCrea and his then wife Veronica Lake, but this one is pretty good too.

      DeToth also learned from the best and the final shootout scene with Scott against four men bears no small resemblance to High Noon, released a year earlier.

      Definitely one of Randolph Scott's best westerns of the Fifties.
      Best Wishes
      London- England