John Wayne & the Universal Series

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    • John Wayne & the Universal Series

      & the

      Trem Carr
      In the spring of 1936, Trem Carr left Republic
      turned down an offer to join MGM and instead
      reassembled some of his old Monogram crew
      to become a producer at Universal

      For more information
      please see:-
      Trem Carr

      Paul Malvern
      Carr's production team fellow Monogram producer Paul Malvern
      who starred Duke in his Lone Star western Productions

      Paul Malvern

      For more information
      please see:-
      Paul Malvern

      The plan was, to make a series of non-western action films.

      Trem Carr offered Duke the chance to join him
      and for him to make a break from Westerns.
      Specifically Universal wanted to make films that
      fell between the A's & B's,but still within' lower budgets

      Arthur Lubin
      Arthur Lubin directed 4 of the movies the other two
      being directed by Frank Strayer, David Howard

      Arthur Lubin

      For more information
      please see:-
      Arthur Lubin

      John Wayne was exactly the sort of actor Universal had in mind.
      Trem Carr offered Duke a six film contract at $6000 a picture.
      Duke agreed, he took off his Colt. 45.,
      turned down a new Republic contract and moved to Universal

      In 1936 & 1937, Duke was the leading man in

      The Sea Spoilers(1936) (Frank Strayer)
      Conflict (1936)
      California Straight Ahead (1937) (Arthur Lubin)
      I Cover the War(1937) (Arthur Lubin)
      Idol of the Crowds (1937) (Arthur Lubin)
      Adventures End(1937) (Arthur Lubin)

      (For individual movie profiles & reviews, please click on above)

      However the pictures just never found their audience.
      After a few lost money, Universal abandoned interest in the project,
      and by the end of the series even the reviewers has raised a white flag!

      Director Arthur Lubin recalled that the last picture Adventures End
      was simply made because Universal had a boat on the lot, that needed use!

      Arthur Lubin wrote:

      That's the way pictures were made...
      Well what sets are up these days, that we can make pictures on
      that won't cost money
      When Duke's contract with Universal expired,
      Duke was back where he had been five years before.
      Once again he had failed at a major studio.
      He didn't blame anyone but himself, but was once again out of work.
      Years later Duke told Zolotow

      John Wayne wrote:

      I lost my stature as a western star- and got nothing in return
      The Universal series was a downward spiral for Duke
      as they failed to capture anyone's imagination, including his own!

      He was to make one more movie for Paramount,
      1937. Born to the West (Helltown)
      before embarking on another poor chapter in his career.
      The Three Mesquiteers were to nothing more than movies for kids
      and films Duke even referred to as "monstrosities"
      John Wayne in The Three Mesquiteers

      However a certain Stagecoach was around the corner.....
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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