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Pinned Duke- Rare Photos By lasbugas



True Grit (1969)



The Quiet Man (1952)



Allegheny Uprising (1939)



John Wayne Hat/Eyepatch from Rooster Cogburn and True Grit




  • Mark your calendars! True Grit is making a return to theaters for two dates in May 2019.

    Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the classic Western that won John Wayne his first and only Oscar®. The legendary movie star gives his most iconic performance as Rooster Cogburn, a drunken, uncouth and totally fearless one-eyed U.S. Marshall hired by a headstrong young girl (Kim Darby) to find the man who murdered her father. When Cogburn's employer insists on accompanying the older gunfighter, sparks… [Read More]
  • All right, pilgrim, Hollywood may have been where Western movie icon John Wayne made his fame and fortune, but he clearly also left a mark – and perhaps a piece of his heart – in Arizona.

    The bigger than life celluloid cowboy's love affair with our state dates back to 1930 and “The Big Trail,” which was filmed near Yuma. He starred in or directed in dozens of movies filmed in Arizona including the classics “Stagecoach (1939),” “Angel and the Badman (1947),” and “Red River… [Read More]
  • 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of True Grit, the movie that earned John Wayne his only Academy Award. The famous director Henry Hathaway brought a cast and crew to Ridgway and Ouray County in the summer of 1968 to film much of the movie, which was released in 1969. The first annual Ridgway Old West Fest, organized by the Ridgway Western Heritage Society and scheduled for October 11-13, 2019, will celebrate Ridgway's brief transformation into Fort Smith, Arkansas, half a century ago.

    [Read More]


  • ibaicu -

    Replied to the thread Duke- Rare Photos By lasbugas.

    Yes, there are many fans and in Romania. Best regards, Ioan Baicu
  • ibaicu -

    Replied to the thread True Grit (1969).

    These posters were printed when the film ran for the first time in Romania. For more informations write me at [email protected] Best regards from Romania, Ioan Baicu
  • CoriSCapnSkip -

    Replied to the thread The Quiet Man (1952).

    Too bad the cottage wasn't declared a protected structure years ago! Some sources made out the California owner to be the bad guy, he made out locals to be the problem, but I'm sure neither the owner nor the locals would have approved of people taking…
  • CoriSCapnSkip -

    Replied to the thread The Quiet Man (1952).

    Hey, so I need a high resolution copy of this picture but it needs to be both uncropped and in true color. The only copies I can find are low resolution, black-and-white, poorly colorized, or cropped. Can anyone help?
  • CoriSCapnSkip -

    Replied to the thread The Quiet Man (1952).

    Quote from lenrehn: “John Ford got his dramatic scene so he was very happy. But I haven’t could find anything about John Wayne’s feelings about Maureen O’Hara’s cracked bone. We can only guess about John Wayne’s feelings in that scene, but we…