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  • I know, I know, it's only days before Christmas, and time has almost ran out on getting that perfect gift! But, I have some ideas on what you can get that John Wayne fan on your Christmas gift list. If you head on over to Amazon (and you subscribe to Prime) you can save Christmas for that family or friend that loves The Duke.

    Check out the items below for some quick ideas that can still be on your door step before that Christmas gathering. Please note, any items bought using the links below[Read More]
  • Sam Elliott with John Wayne
    Here is an excerpt from a recent Q and A found on the South Bend Tribune:

    South Bend Tribune wrote:

    Sam Elliott is instantly recognizable — it’s part of the reason he’s been working in Hollywood for nearly five decades with almost 100 roles. He’s been on countless TV series, including the original “Mission: Impossible,” “Justified” and his current part as Beau in the Netflix series “The Ranch,” which has been renewed
    [Read More]
  • Photo: Phil Stern
    If there's one thing John Wayne loved, it was Christmas!

    In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, the late star's family opened up about the iconic actor's passion for the holidays.
    "He loved Christmas. We had a huge living room, and by the time Christmas came around, you couldn’t walk through it because there were so many gifts under the tree," his daughter Marisa, 50, told Closer Weekly.

    Buying presents for his family meant a lot to the Duke. “He did his own shopping,” John's… [Read More]
  • Every year the Harris Poll publishes the annual America's Favorite Movie Stars poll. This year the poll has Tom Hanks on the top spot followed by Johnny Depp and Denzel Washington.

    Meanwhile, the late John Wayne, who hasn’t appeared in a major release in… well, quite a bit longer, nonetheless remains a mainstay on the list; at No. 4 this year (down from No. 2), the Duke is the only person who has never dropped off of the top 10 in over two decades.

    “Who is your favorite… [Read More]
  • Photography: United Artists/The Kobal Collection/Ned Scott
    Below is a excerpt from the January issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine feature John Wayne and the 110th anniversary year of his birth.

    Cowboys & Indians Magazine wrote:

    A new look at one of our old favorites: On the occasion of the 110th anniversary year of his birth, we honor Duke with 110 memorable things about the actor, the icon, the man.

    John Wayne was  —  and remains  —  as much an icon of the historical West
    [Read More]


    Saddle up with HDNET MOVIES Christmas Day, as the network serves up a double serving of Christmas Grits in the TRUE GRIT two-pack, beginning with John Wayne in his Oscar®-winning performance as Rooster Cogburn, a brash U.S. Marshal who teams up with Texas Ranger Glenn Campbell to track down the man who killed a girl’s father in the 1969 classic TRUE GRIT, with Robert Duvall [Read More]

  • One hundred years ago today, Douglas was born Issur Danielovitch, the son of a Moscow-born Russian Jewish ragman, in upstate New York. An uncle had been killed in the pogroms at home. In his 1988 memoir, The Ragman’s Son, Douglas describes the casual antisemitism he faced almost throughout his career. Rebranding yourself with a Waspy stage-name was what actors – and immigrants in general – had to do in America to survive and thrive.

    After a start on the Broadway stage, he made his screen… [Read More]
  • Allot goes on in life, allot doesn't go on in life, I mean you get caught up in life and all the noise of daily living that you forget to enjoy your surroundings. You mean to do things, say things, spend time with others, only to turn around and their gone. The last couple of years our community lost two longtime members, @William T Brooks and @arthurarnell, two outstanding men that had shared their life with us here on the JWMB.

    Both joined us early in our history sharing their thoughts on… [Read More]

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