Featured New book call "The John Wayne Locations"

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  • "The John Wayne Locations" is a tour guide that gives directions to the filming sites and what specifically happened there.

    Roland (ITDO the author and member here at the JWMB) is open for JWMB member(s) contributions with pictures that illustrate the work that's done on location (not publicity stills, but candid shots). Roland stated "Sometimes older fans had the chance to actually visit on a location and got their picture taken with Wayne. Those could be interesting as well. Anything that illustrates what was going on back then on the set of a John Wayne picture."

    Roland is requesting help and I'm sure there are a few people that could help and/or know of some details that could help make this book even better. He stated "McFarland plans to publish "The John Wayne Locations" in 2020. I'll deliver all content by the end of the year. They're looking for good quality pictures. Of course, if somebody submits a picture, there would be a photo credit in the caption. Important that one actually owns the copyright, too!"

    Feel free to discuss in the thread below.

    Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
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  • Hi Roland,, I haven't signed onto the site in long while (unfortunately) saw your post. I wanted to know if I was able to help out with your book. I visited the Alamo set in 1988 and took some pictures of the place. Would those be of help and if so,,,how can I get them to you so you can see them. I can make a picture of a few , and you can decide if they are helpful.
  • Just make sure you let us know when you publish. I want a signed copy! I never traveled much, so I never visited a location. The closest I ever came to a Duke movie prop was the War Wagon on a lot at Universal in the 90's when I visited Florida. Took a picture of me standing next to it, but it didn't turn out. Bummed me out!

  • No questions, Captain York?

    Thanks for the intro, Kevin. Well, it's not that I need a little help with this. Rather I'd like to give the members of the board the chance to participate. Maybe some of you felt the same way I often did when I bought the latest book about the Duke and found that they had made the usual mistakes - and used the usual pictures. Why didn't they just ask the guys who know best - the fans? So, I want this one to be special in this regard. It took me two years to seize the right publisher for this. And it took years to build up my collection of pictures and stuff. Actually, come next Tuesday, it's 40 years since I started it - with a little scrapbook. Have been to many of the old locations since (the Olympic Peninsula just last Christmas - it rained). Some of the filming sites are lost, like Iverson or Buckskin Joe. So, that's what this book is going to be all about: an illustrated tour guide to locations and points of interest. Send me a PM if you want to know more about it, or an email to [email protected]
    Happy Trails!

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