The Duke Days of May on ISNP TV

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General entertainment television network INSP announced today that every weekend in May will be dedicated to the best Western films of legendary screen star John Wayne, "The Duke."

The announcement came from Doug Butts, SVP of Programming for INSP. "Our viewers have responded consistently and positively to our commitment to airing Westerns on our network, and we will keep delivering what they want," said Butts. "This will mark the sixth year of devoting a month of weekends to the iconic Wayne, and because of the event's outstanding ratings in the past, we will continue the tradition in May."

The featured movies to air on insp include many of his most popular films, such as The Man Who Shot Liberty Vance, Big Jake, Hondo, 3 Godfathers and Rio Bravo.

Tune in to insp to watch the Duke Days of May event every weekend in May beginning Friday, May 1st at 8PM ET. To find out where to watch in your area, click here