John Wayne Was Here: The Film Locations and Favorite Places of an American Icon

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  • One of our long time members @itdo has published a book titled: John Wayne Was Here: The Film Locations and Favorite Places of an American Icon which is available online at I would encourage anyone interested in John Wayne to check out this book. It's certain to be a fascinating read.

    Roland Schaefli (itdo) wrote:

    It's been right here, on, that I got the inspiration to put this book together. I found that a number of people share my love of actually scouting the original filming sites and traveling to movie locations. Over the years, I found quite a bit, including remote spots in Africa, even locating some that were not generally known yet (so far I left out Libya, however, I have a nice contact going there with the tourism department, so you never know). This website leads you on the Trail to the John Wayne Locations: The Trail to the John Wayne Locations
    I hope this inspires the members of this board to travel - again!

    John Wayne Was Here: The Film Locations and Favorite Places of an American Icon

    John Wayne worked on film sets around the globe. This book follows his big trail, from his humble beginnings on the Fox backlot in Hollywood to his final filming site in Lone Pine, California. Locations in Mexico, Normandy, Rome, Madrid, London, Ireland, Libya and Africa are covered, along with his favorite vacation spots in Hawaii, Acapulco, Greece, Monaco, and the hotspots he frequented in Tinsel town. Anecdotes revisit his most famous scenes, including Rooster Cogburn’s charge and Davy Crockett’s last stand. Production details describe how San Diego stood in for Iwo Jima, how Old Tucson was turned into El Dorado, and how Genghis Kahn ruled over the deserts of Utah. Never before published photos present then-and-now views of his filming sites, in this first of its kind guided tour for film location hunters and Wayne aficionados.

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  • itdo -

    It's great to know that the Museum of Western Film History in Lone Pine is now also carrying the book. Lone Pine is, of course, on of the most important filming sites of the early Wayne oaters. The museum has collected several great artifacts. Check it out:

  • Kevin -


  • itdo -

    Very proud to let you know that the John Wayne Birthplace & Museum is now carrying "John Wayne was here" in its gift shop. I was a young fella when I first made my pilgrimage to that "wee humble cottage" in Winterset, Iowa. That my tour guide to his filming sites now finds a place in the house where the man himself took his first steps towards stardom is indeed a great honor. My thanks to the museum staff and to Brian, curator of the John Wayne Birthplace.

  • OriginalMexicanBob -

    This was a fascinating and enjoyable read. There's lots of biographies about the Duke over the years but they pretty much cover the same ground though there are aspects of his life they differ on. This book is different in that it talks about his favorite make play and enjoy life and those he considered friends of which there were many. Plus it goes over what has happened to those places since then...whether they're still available to see or gone forever.

    This book is highly recommended.

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