Do you think John Wayne can act?

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Duke made a believer out of "Rooster Cogburn" co-star Paul Koslo. "I never liked John Wayne as an actor," the versatile Koslo remembers in this exclusive interview. It wasn't until working together in Duke's reprisal of his Oscar-winning "True Grit" role that Koslo saw Wayne give a surprising performance that changed his mind about the beloved icon.

Comments 3

  • SadieBelle -

    It's blasphemy I tell you (in my best John qualen-swedish accent)!! To say Duke can't act....

  • SadieBelle -

    I agree with Ken Briggs! Duke could tell stories using only his eyes, without speaking a word. And in The Searchers, he used this method flawlessly throughout the film.

  • Ken Briggs -

    Yes he could and his advice to young actors was "Use your eyes." It is through our eyes that happiness and sorrow are expressed to others. It is by looking in the eyes that a discerning person can tell the truth. When an actor uses his eyes effectively the audience is drawn further into the soul. Don't think the eyes are important then you have never watched "The Searchers". You may have "seen" it but you never "watched" it.

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