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  • Hi Chris. How much is your friend asking? I am a celebrity voice impressionist and I do video parodies and live performances too, so a costume like that may come in handy. Do you know of where I can get these types of items, or what company if any may make that sort of thing? Best regards, Jim Lueck Celebrity Voice Impressionist

  • Hello all! In case you would like to hear a short clip of my John Wayne voice impression click on the audio link below. I do telephone answering machine message recordings in wav or mp3 in case you would like me to do a custom recording or greeting for you. Anyone on the forum will get a 50% discount. I record from my home studio and email my clients their audio in wav or mp3. I am going to record a John Wayne / Jimmy Stewart parody soon. I will post …

  • Wow! Julie Andrews would be proud!:teeth_smile:

  • Clint Eastwood Parody

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    Hello! My name is Jim Lueck. I am a Celebrity Voice Impressionist and voice-over artist. I am a big John Wayne fan. His voice was one of the first I learned to impersonate. I have audio samples on my website at if you would like to hear it. I do radio and TV voice-overs, phone messages and celebrity roast type messages. If you know of anyone who can benefit from my abilities feel free to contact me. I thought you all might get a laugh from my Clint Eastwood Parody. The link below…

  • Thank you Eathan. I do have some things on youtube. Mostly commercials I have done, and a little bit of standup. Below are some of the youtube links. Youtube links. Commercials Brokaw Impression Arnold I have a couple of John Wayne clips on my website Best…

  • Hello all! I joined a while back but never posted anything before. My name is Jim Lueck. I am a Celebrity Voice Impressionist and Voice Over Artist. John Wayne was one of the first voices I learned to impersonate. If you would like to hear it feel free to visit my website at Does anybody know if it is possible to attach sound bytes to a profile in this forum? Thanks! Best regards, Jim Lueck