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  • Films still considered lost/missing. Words and Music (1929) Speakeasy (1929) The Forward Pass (1929) The Oregon Trail (1936) No reference copies available from Library of Congress or UCLA Archives. LOC Annie Laurie (1927) The Deceiver (1931) That's My Boy (1932) Adventure's End (1937) UCLA Cheer Up and Smile (1930) Three Girls Lost (1931) Girls Demand Excitement (1931) I was able to get Noah's Ark a couple years ago. I've been to the LOC and what they do have is not worth using.

  • JOHN WAYNE: NEWPORT BEACH – JOHN WAYNE BRAND SHOP They are doing this mainly for the people that do not want a John Wayne outfit but for the ones that are using the Grit Cycle outlets that Marisa has been opening. She's up to 4 outlets currently in her business and going strong.

  • Duke makes a statement to that effect in Angel and the Badman when he tells Gail and the sheriff that he won't be needing his gun anymore and she lets it fall to the ground. But don't think he ever said that about a hat.

  • Duke first used the word "Pilgrim" when speaking to Jimmy in the film "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and then used it again in "McLintock!". That's all folks!

  • I guess they'll let anyone write about John Wayne these days. Sounds like another Michael Munn to me with a liberal agenda to deface Duke's good name. No thanks, keep your book. I'd rather read the ones the family just published. And that's my opinion for what it's worth. Lenny

  • Quote from ethanedwards: “However like True Grit,we must keep an open mind, and it was generally agreed, that we should treat such movies as new movies and not necessary remakes of Duke films.” Not a remake my foot. This will be the 7th John Wayne film remake. IMDB: Plot outline [SIZE=-1]A rancher trains a group of boys to herd his cattle. A remake of the 1972 film, 'The Cowboys'.[/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]No question this will be another crappy remake. [/SIZE]

  • Absolutely nothing.

  • Quote from The Duke Is The Man: “I received the update that Lenny above posted and I believe we know the same guy. He is very informative and has been helping me a great deal at LOC on my many travels there. Most of what Lenny says is true except that I have been told by a few people there that the LOC copy is actually in good shape. I have also tried many times to view the film but as Lenny stated, it has to be for a documentary film project, college paper, etc. I am starting to also talk to pe…

  • I haven't been back in awhile simply because after my last post some comments were made about someone I know that were upsetting and uncalled for. So I will make this comment and am not sure if I will be back. Apparently many of you don't understand about the list of films that are considered missing or lost. I have a good friend that works in the movie section of the Library of Congress and chatted with him yesterday. He's been there quiet a while and is actually getting ready to retire. We wen…

  • Re: Steven Seagal LAWMAN

    lvellek - - Off Topic Discussions


    Especially since Seagal is only a reserve DEPUTY and not allowed to make arrests or take part in any actual police work. It was just a TV show and may be in trouble for doing some things beyond what he was allowed to actually do. On top of that there were some accusations of sexual misconduct against Seagal. Plus the last word is that there will not be any Season 2.

  • Re: Aissa vs. Ethan - Legal Fight

    lvellek - - Duke's Family


    I'll make a newbie post later but I saw this at the top of your main page. I work for a similar company in their licensing and copyright department. I am on the road, a lot, but I do meet the licensing people from Wayne Enterprises from time to time because several of us belong to an organization that helps each other deal with the ever changing licensing problems, especially internationally. I will say that some of you are right and wrong on this issue. You're right in saying that they have to …