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  • Hey, fellas, I'm still hanging around. Don't get in here much, but still keep the door ajar for easy entry. Can't remember what year I joined, but I think I was in my 50's then, going on 72 now. Just checked, joined here in Oct. '05. I was 58 then. So young. Now, heading to 72 at seemingly breakneck speed.

  • A Christmas Carol

    WaynamoJim - - Off Topic Discussions


    I like both the 1938 and 1951 version, with the 1938 version edging out the '51. After all, besides the fine actor Reginald Owen, it also stars the near entire Lockhart family, Gene, his wife, Kathleen and of course, daughter June is one of the Cratchit daughters.Only other version I really liked was the Disney animated one from a few years back with Jim Carrey as Scrooge. I got to see it in 3D in the theaters and it was pretty impressive.

  • PawPaw, which Spiderman movie are you referring to? The Marvel one called Spiderman: Homecoming, with Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, and Robert Downey Jr.? Or the new animated one that just came out recently.

  • Robbie, if and when you get to "The City By The Bay", just be careful where you step. It seems that the large population of homeless people there have taken to using the sidewalks as their own personal bathroom and it's been getting ugly. A lot of folks complaining about the nastiness of it all. Seem the city has finally organized a "poop patrol", that goes around cleaning up after them people.

  • It's been a year since The Ringo Kid started this thread. I'm still here, though not as often. Come in to see if any new discussions might be of interest from time to time. Ringo, hope you were able to acquire a new laptop or pc of some kind.

  • Quote from Pineapple Angel: “Was also going to come here to post about Richard Anderson dying. So heartbroken over this. The other main fan blog I participate in is one called the Bionic Project- a fan community of those who love the Six Million Dollar Man/The Bionic Woman. I absolutely adore these shows and I love Richard not only as Oscar Goldman in those shows, but also his varied performances in a great deal of other shows and movies. He has a smallish role in one of my top 5 favorite movies…

  • Great to see you back on the board, Ringo. I wondered what happened to you. Glad to see you're doing great. Myself, I don't get in here as much as I used to, might have to increase my visits. Were you the one who collected German military memorabilia? Anyway, welcome back. Also, so very sorry to hear of the passing of Arthur Arnell and Ethan Edwards. Shows how much I've stayed away. Though the last few times I was here I noticed that Ethan Edwards was no longer moderator. Thought maybe he just s…

  • Quote from Rooster52: “Purchased the digital download of Kong: Skull Island last night. All I can say is Wow! It was an excellent film made by people who clearly love the lore of Kong in film. Tons of homages to the '76 , '33, and the Japanese Kong Vs Godzilla. The effects were mind blowing. Great movie. ” Well, get ready, because they have a new King Kong vs Godzilla movie coming. Also a new Godzilla movie where he will take on Ghiddra, Rodan, and another Japanese classic monster whose name esc…

  • Quote from Stony: “I'm watching Warlock (1959) with Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, Anthony Quinn and Dorothy Malone. An excellent movie (IMO). ” Always enjoyed that movie. I have it on dvd, but if it's on tv, I will watch it.

  • Finally finished off Season 1 of Arrow. Pretty decent so far. New telling of Green Arrow.

  • The last three weeks. Gone to see Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dean Men Tell No Tales, and Wonder Woman. Enjoyed all three.

  • Quote from dukefan1: “I remember first seeing him in Southern Comfort. He did such a good job in Deadwood, that I really hated his character. A very good actor who will be missed. ” That's when I first saw Boothe. Then he was in the original Red Dawn. My favorite role of his, though, has to be that of Curley Bill Brocious in Tombstone. He looked like he was having a ball in that one.

  • If you go to, you can find some photos of what Alamo Village currently looks like, and it's not good. It's becoming quite overgrown, especially in the Alamo compound itself. In the courtyard directly in front of the church and near the main gate, some mighty tall greenery has popped up and it's beginning to hide the church from view as you walk in. Unless someone steps up and buys this place, it won't be long till it's disappeared under a desert jungle.

  • Watched quite a few episodes of this when it was on and thought it was pretty good. Michael Biehn was good as Chris, but he seems to play it the same way he did as Johnny Ringo in Tombstone, and that's not a bad thing. Ringo was one of my favorite characters in that film. You can buy the whole series on dvd, not sure about blu-ray. Last time I saw it, price was not bad considering it's the whole series.

  • Quote from Rooster52: “Watching Daredevil on Netflix (Season 2 - episode 1). Great series! ” I heard it was. I don't have Netflix, so I haven't seen it. But I did buy Season 1 for my oldest grandson because he liked the Ben Affleck movie from years back.

  • Tales Of Well Fargo

    WaynamoJim - - Off Topic Discussions


    Noticed a few weeks ago, Encore Westerns added Dale Robertson's, Tales Of Wells Fargo to their nightly lineup. They show two episodes from around 6 pm to 7pm. Though tonight, they start at 5:46 to 6:46.

  • Destination Tokyo (1943)

    WaynamoJim - - World War II


    Was just watching this and noticed a continuity error. Near the end of the film, when the sub is being bombed with depth charges, Cary Grant is shown in a nice neat uniform, all buttoned up. Next scene, he's all wet and his shirt is open. Then it goes back to his neat and clean appearance, then back gain to his wet appearance.

  • The Alamo (1960)

    WaynamoJim - - The 1960's


    Quote from ethanedwards: “Quote from Rooster52: “Started looking for the blu-ray to this film only to come across the sad story of MGM letting the source tapes deteriorate beyond repair so that any restoration is nearly impossible now. Why on earth did they feel inclined to do that? Someone in that company have some hatred towards Wayne to allow a western classic be purposely destroyed? That really ticks me off. ” I still have the VHS full uncut movie.However I haven't played it in a long time, …

  • Some of you folks watching different tv series, like Cheers and The Crown. A few months ago, I bought the complete series of Frazier and my wife and I have been watching a few episodes a night and what a blast. Haven't laughed so much in a long time. We're now coming to the end. We're in the last season, disc one. Hate to see it end, but we have the next one lined up, Wings. Used to love that show and it was also full of laughs. I think Amazon has it for about $30 for the whole series.

  • Watched the new version of The Magnificent 7 last week. I bought the 4K version and played it on my sons 78" 4k tv and it looked like the title, magnificent. Especially the panoramic scenes, so much detail. As for the movie, we thought it was pretty darn good. Not as good as the original from 1960, but it had it's good moments and plenty of action. As for the Blu-ray of Hondo, I bought a copy when it was first released and when I put it on, I was amazed at the picture clarity. It was beautiful a…

  • Tex Ritter

    WaynamoJim - - Guests of Honor


    I remember Ritter did a song back in the early 60's, I think, called Hillbilly Heaven. I'm pretty sure it made the pop charts despite being a country song. I remember hearing it on the radio many times.

  • Quote from Jay J. Foraker: “"Hard to Kill" - one of the better Steven Segal movies.” And you can take that to the bank.

  • A little trivia note. Bobby Rose, who plays Sammy Cline in the movie, also played one of Crocketts Tennesseans in The Alamo(60).

  • Went to the movies twice yesterday. First one was Risen, story about a Roman Tribune, who's ordered by Pilate to make sure Jesus is dead and to make sure Jesus followers do not steal the body so they can proclaim He is risen. Thought it was a very good movie, even though there was a bit of fiction added with that plot line. Still, it was not irreverent to God or Jesus in any way and the actor who portrayed Jesus did a good job in the brief time he was on screen, and Joseph Fiennes was quite good…

  • Ok. I'm going to post this here, figure it will get more visibility. Tomorrow night, Friday the 4th, the MGM HD channel will be showing The Alamo(1960) at 10pm. They had an ad for it last night and even though the movie itself has not been done in HD, the scenes they showed looked very crisp and clear. I know if you play the dvd on a Blu-ray player, it up converts the picture giving it a higher def look. Might give everyone who watches the chance to see what it might look like if they ever did a…