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  • More splendid photos, thank you for sharing.

  • Bus Driver : No no, my jacket didn't shrink in the wash. Listen,... JW: Hey - don't get all riled up ! Its just your jacket seems- well its kinda small, is all I'm sayin.

  • Good to know...Guess I'll Have to search a bit harder then.

  • So many things happening in today's world that we sometimes need to stop and remind ourselves that it is indeed A Wonderful Life. Spend some time with family and friends and let go of the rest of the noise. Peace.

  • Could someone please remind me whether the Barbara Walters special was ever released on DVD or You-tube, etc ? My understanding is no, but my memory is hazy. I watched most of it in 1978 I think, but not the whole thing. I'd love to see this again.

  • Happy Thanksgiving 2017

    grumpy - - Off Topic Discussions


    Back at ya- and may we all take a deep breath and maybe even be nice to that annoying family member or neighbor who grabs the last slice of your favorite pie.

  • I lost track of what has happened with this official Bourbon release. I know there was the legal battle with Duke University ( which was just stoop- er, perhaps pernicious and injudicious of the University to have raised given the ubiquitous and obvious image, fame and intent of JW and the product Then much of what I was reading about it seemed to fade. I'm in the Eastern US and cannot seem to find much of anything around here about whether it was released, sold or cancelled. Anyone know more ? …

  • I'm not as active here as many users, but when I do log in I almost always first check to see what photos @lasbugas has posted. Very much appreciate the unique photos which must have taken a great deal of effort to collect.

  • Seems that Coward's flipping me half a bird ! Well, Hang on tight boys, I'm gettin set to teach some manners...

  • Thanks for posting. Interesting idea, as this is near enough to me to consider attending. I wonder what other cities this may appear in...

  • Colorado

    grumpy - - Duke's Movie Locations


    Quote from Kevin: “One day I'll make out there. Great photos @grumpy thanks for sharing them with us. ” I actually marvel at the creativity of the film's location scouts in finding all of these filming sites within such a relatively compact area. Kevin- ( and Mark and anyone else that is interested) : I urge any and all who feel this way to just do it. There are few other John Wayne films of note where the locations are as accessible to the public, and dense as this area of Colorado. Combine it …

  • Colorado

    grumpy - - Duke's Movie Locations


    Will try to post a few phone pix.

  • Colorado

    grumpy - - Duke's Movie Locations


    Just an update: was in Colorado recently and swung by the Ridgway area. The building that was part of Chen Lees ( which of late had Barber Shop lettered on its wooden facade ) is now a restaurant called Provisions at the Barber Shop. As far as I can tell the owners make nothing made of its connection to the filming of True Grit. Didn't get to sample the food... Went up Owl Creek Pass to the meadow. Pretty day as usual. Also went over Last Dollar Road towards Telluride and sto…

  • Aside from True Grit and other TV and media I had the good fortune to see Glen Campbell play live and meet him at a small corporate event in 1985. He was as gracious as ever, and I never heard anyone anywhere say a bad word about the man. The interesting thing is that Glen started as primarily a gifted guitar player, doing studio and session work along with the rest of what was popularly known as "the Wrecking Crew" ( Tommy Tedesco, Hal Blaine, Carol Kaye, and a bunch of other musicians ) who co…

  • Sorry if this news has been already posted but at one time I followed a Facebook page called "The Chilibills Kitchen Shows"- out of the blue this morning I received a posting about a Chilibills BBQ sauce, so I followed the links. It seems Chilibills grandson is now making a BBQ sauce and talking up his legacy a bit. I know some folks here were a bit curious after he passed, I am not connected with the business or anything, just pleased I guess that someone is picking up where he l…

  • I read about this- In my opinion there is Zero chance of anyone mistaking Duke University with Duke John Wayne or the Bourbon. I certainly hope this case will be heard "At Judge Parker's convenience". Further, if I was representing J.W. in this matter I would encourage the opposition's barristers putting on this legal challenge to: "Fill your Brief-Cases, you S.O.B.s !

  • Been a lot of years, but I've been to Pete's house in Beacon NY, and Toshi essentially ran everything, making sure Pete was where he was supposed to be in their old Saab ( back in those days...)

  • Funny how the odd random internet search in a slightly bored moment can turn up surprising results: The Ridgway, Colorado building that was Chen Lee's in True Grit is listed for sale:…&No=05056-30512&AU=N&FT=P Disclaimer: I have no dog in this hunt.

  • That is awesome, thanks for sharing. Las Vegas area ? Quote from chester7777: “Front sight is where I was working for eight months before I got my current job. ”

  • Oh, absolutely the sharks are circling. The rhetoric is escalating into quite a nasty tone, all of which appears to steadfastly avoid the apparent complete disinterest during the decades during which the property decayed prior to Mr Ebbitts purchase. Next, I expect to hear stories of an angry mob carrying torches storming up the path leading towards the castle. <Oops, wrong movie...or is it ?> It may well be that under Irish law they can lay claim to the property and thus obtain it "without cost…

  • Good conversation gentlemen. As anyone of you have tried to get some construction work done 100 miles away, two states away or on the opposite coast can attest, it can be a bit tedious dealing with contractors. Add in an ocean, another nation and cultural differences and I can imagine the possible frustration. In the corporate world I have been in the same room as someone and been ready to lunge across the table at people displaying their active disinterest in a project on which they assigned an…

  • As to the fragmentation of support for achieving a stated common goal: "It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit." A few random-ish thoughts On the topic of the present owner and his actions: I have seen similar situations develop where the will of private ownership appears to be in conflict with some public sentiment or "call for preservation" that desires different handling of a property than what the legal owner originally intended. To be fair, I do n…

  • Well its next week but I'm headed to the hills of West Virginia to go ATV riding with a group of buddies. Among the planned activities: Getting out in the woods, cookouts/ BBQ, fireworks, music and libations.

  • Chester, check your PMs...:wink_smile: Quote from chester7777: “looking good Grumpy, are you taking orders? Chester :newyear:”

  • Well I chose not to afford the Rooster Cogburn hat, so I made my own homage to Duke's chapeau.