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  • Very cool photos @chickiverson love seeing Duke in casual photos!!

  • True Grit (1969)

    Kevin - - The 1960's


    Duke's granddaughter visit Fort Smith, Colorado.

  • Active Member Check-in

    Kevin - - Off Topic Discussions


    Hey @WaynamoJim you're a young 72! Glad to see you in and around these parts!

  • TUE - JUL 16 - 6:00PM - TCM The Wings of Eagles A reckless World War I Naval aviator with a drinking problem becomes paralyzed after a fall, ending his military career. However, he becomes a respected screenwriter, and when World War II breaks out he finds a way to fight for his country again.

  • Quote from ZS_Maverick: “Ok, I was going to do a joke reply with titles like "The Conqueror" and "Jet Pilot" - but thought better of it! My real favorites... 1. Rio Bravo 2. True Grit 3. The Searchers 4. Stagecoach 5. A tie - "The Alamo" and "El Dorado" Too hard to stop just at 5! I could easily do a top 15 or 20! ” That's the challenge, to limit it to the top 5. It was a struggle and I had to sit and really thing long on just the order I placed my top 5 in. It came down to my favorite to watch …

  • Top 5's are hard. lol I was thinking long before I posted my top 5. So many that are so close. There will be more top 5's coming so look out! And @Quiggy you should jump in and do a featured article post for us here on JWMB.

  • I have seen that book before and was going to pick it up. i'll have to just get it and read it. lol Thanks for the quick review!

  • Kevin added a new article: My Top 5 John Wayne Movies Quote: “With the passage of time I've been able to settle on my top 5 John Wayne movies. My top 5 movies have changed over the years, some of Duke's movies have been in and out of my top 5 movie list over the years. A few movies that have been in and out of my top 5 are El Dorado, The War Wagon, Tall In The Saddle. I do favor some of his later movies but I have several older movies that I'll watch regularly. Some of the early movies that I fi…

  • The Searchers (1956)

    Kevin - - The 1950's


    The Searchers is my favorite John Wayne movie and it's heads and shoulders above all others! It's a story of redemption in that Ethan turns from his original goal of killing, to end with grace. I really think what we didn't see (because the movie ended) was a changed Ethan, I choose to believe he lived the rest of his life a changed man.

  • Arte Johnson, ‘Very Interesting’ Comic Actor, Is Dead at 90 arte-johnson-dead.html

  • RIP Torn dead at 88 RIP Rip Torn! BTW, I didn't realize that he was once married to Geraldine Page. Learn something everyday.

  • Hi Bill, welcome to the forum! I have a question, what is the charge (if any)? We generally don't allow self selling items. We use to have a trader forum years ago but had to close it.

  • Rio Lobo (1970)

    Kevin - - The 1970's


    I like the first part of the movie, it had great scenes but then it just switches up after the war and seems to be a different movie altogether. Its just seems thrown together.

  • Big Jake coming on TV Sun, 7/14 - 8 PM on INSP

  • Welcome, New Members!

    Kevin - - Newbie Forum


    Welcome @Quiggy Glad to have you join! Very interesting website you have there. Maybe we can swap links between sites.

  • Jet Pilot (1957)

    Kevin - - The 1950's


    I attempted to watch this, but failed.

  • Three Word Story (Part 2)

    Kevin - - Off Topic Discussions


    pinto from the ....

  •…5ba7ccf1c05fd43b68d801048 Happy 4th of July for us American members of the JWMB!

  • Olivia de Havilland

    Kevin - - Screen Legends


    103 WOW She out lived her sister!

  • Active Member Check-in

    Kevin - - Off Topic Discussions


    Thanks Bob for checking in! Always good to hear from you.

  • A lot of news articles written about this back 2013. Over 5 years and nothing further. I guess it's not going to happen. I do feel it could be made today and make money.

  • The Latest on the JWMB #29

    Kevin - - Newsletter Archive


    Greetings from! ***FORUM NEWS*** The Official JWMB Chicken Cowboy Coffee Mug Offered for the first time, the JWMB Chicken Cowboy mug. This mug features the fine work of our own Graham Leggett. This will be available for a limited time so order yours today. the_official_jwmb_chicken_cowboy_coffee_mug-168259243497003191 Get yours before it's gone. ***LASTEST FORUM POSTS*** New book call "The John Wayne Locations" New book call "The John Wayne Locations" The granddaughter of Oscar-win…

  • The Duke Days of Summer Every Weekend in July Lazy Days of Summer? Not When the Duke Is in Town! John Wayne ramps up the Western action on INSP every weekend for the entire month of July. So crank up the AC, get your snacks in order, and ride with The Duke in these favorite films. 3 Godfathers (1948) Stars John Wayne, Harry Carey, Jr. and Ward Bond Sun, Jul 21 | 2PM ET Mon, Jul 29 | 1:30AM ET Three outlaws, fleeing from a posse in the desert, discover a dying woman, who begs them to honor her la…

  • CloserWeekly has an interesting interview online. I've posted some small portions of it below. Today, Scott Eyman is a journalist, adjunct professor and author of numerous biographies Opens a New Window. covering actors and filmmakers from the Golden Age of Hollywood, but in 1972, at the age of 21 and armed with only the knowledge that he wanted to “write about the movies,” he found himself sitting with legendary Western star John Wayne. That meeting would lead, over 40 years later, to his writi…

  • The Big Country (1958)

    Kevin - - Gregory Peck


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