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  • I have this book and Pilar's as well. Both very good books. I enjoyed them so.

  • Hi all! Pat Wayne is still out and about. I watched him on youtube not too long ago introducing John's granddaughter. She was performing a song about him at his 100 year birthday celebration. Ethan Wayne is an actor and has been on a few soap operas. Aissa is a lawyer in California. Haven't kept a close eye on Bobby though! Happy New Year all!!

  • Re: "McLintock"

    LittleDuke - - Duke Movie Trailer


    Lots of fun in this movie, Luv it!

  • :DA Hi All! I'm back for a little while. Id love to see his new series, I'm still trying to find his movie he made Comanche Stallion. Has anyone seen this? LittleDuke

  • Happy Birthday Duke!! We all wish you were still here, although I can't picture you at 98. Anyway, enjoy chatting with your friends up above and riding off into the sunset! To You, LittleDuke

  • Well guys, I've never looked into all that. I never thought about Martha and Ethan having a relationship. As far as him wanting to kill Debbie, I thought that was because she had been raised by Indians. Overall I love the movie. Has Harry Carey Jr's movie come out yet? I know they filmed it in July. LittleDuke

  • I'm Back

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    Quote: “Originally posted by [email protected] 19 2005, 10:22 AM Little Duke, Welcome back!  We haven't seen you around for quite awhile.  Did you have to re-register.  After reading Robbie's comment, I notice you are listed as a new member.  It doesn't really matter - all that matters is that you have returned. You certainly have plenty of reading to catch up on  !  But if you have the time, it's good reading . Looking forward to having you around again. Chester  :newyear:  and the Mrs. [snapback…

  • That is sad news. It's nice to hear that he lived such a long life! That's great! He also passed away with such honor. Prayers to his family, LittleDuke

  • I was curious as to Ethan's acting career. I know at one time he did work on a soap opera or two. Does anyone know if he's still acting? Also, where by chance did Marissa end up going or what kind of career did she purue? LittleDuke

  • I like Mclintock when the daughters father is about ready to go off on the boy that she went on a horse ride with. He says he hasn't lost his temper in 40 years, and goes on and says somebody ought to belt you in the mouth but I won't I won't the Hell I won't! Little Duke Ethan, I like that part also in The Searchers. Cool!!

  • 100+ Post Club

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    Good for you General Sterling Price!! I hit 100 the other night. Keep it up. LittleDuke

  • Hi all, Thank you for your answers. I was curious because I know he didn't divorce Pilar and I really don't know if there was any communication between Pilar and him. I guess I just don't know much about Pat Stacy's relationship with him. I know Aissa talks about her being at his side and so on. I guess she respected the fact that he didn't want to divorce Pilar. I definitely want to get both books. Thanks, LittleDuke

  • 100+ Post Club

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    I finally made it!! I've hit 100!!! Hopefully I will stay around more often and make it even higher. LittleDuke

  • Well, here goes, I am a woman and I enjoy the movie myself. I think we need to remember that after all it was a movie. If some women don't care for it that's fine. I can only say don't watch it. You can surely change the channel or even turn the tube off. I think some women today need a good spanking!! I tend to stick up for the men. I agree with what Hondo said earlier. LittleDuke P.S. I am not saying women need to be beaten I just don't think getting smacked on the a-- would hurt anyone.

  • Our Coming Out

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    Hi Hondo, I'm just getting back into reading the message board again. Thank you like all the others for having me listed as one of your friends. I too am glad to be apart of this website. We are like family and we have so much in common when it comes to John Wayne. When I'm away from here I feel guilty. Back in the summer when I wasn't too busy with the family I could chat quite a bit. Right now we're pretty much busy during the week and the weekends are our down time. I myself can't send pictur…

  • It's little ole me again, I just thought about this while typing on another topic. If you really think about it, the movie was the end of the great westerns and of John Wayne, but, it also said, there will never be another John Wayne again. That's it , the end, it will never be again. Do you all understand what I'm trying to say? I hope so cause I'm not sure if I do. LittleDuke

  • I really don't care for the killing of him in The Cowboys either. It was such a good movie until that part. It made you think of his wife back home that would never see him again. Another movie that I really don't care for is El Dorado. It's a remake of Rio Bravo obviously. It's like Robert Mitchum is trying to be Dean Martin and Mississippi or whoever he was, was doing the same as Ricky Nelson. Why was that movie made anyway? Does anyone know much about it? That's how I feel anyway, LittleDuke

  • I myself do not watch The Shootist. I have the movie but can't and won't watch it. It does seem like an end not only to his life but to the great westerns. Little Duke

  • Hi gang! I have read Aissa's book and enjoyed it. I did not realize that Pilar had written one until I became apart of this site. I just found out a few days ago on this site that Pat Stacey had written one also. I tend to lean towards Pilar's for some reason. Do you all think that Pat's would be truthful? LittleDuke

  • Hi Chillibill, I really enjoyed your story. I'm not on here as much as the others but when I am I enjoy it. I don't know if you have been on our chat room yet but, if you would I know everyone would have a lot to ask. It's amazing the different people we hear from on this website that have their own personl stories of the Duke. I'm anxious to hear more. Thank You, LittleDuke

  • Hey guys whatever you decide just let me know. Little Duke

  • Good idea Chance, When it gets closer I'll know more. If you're talking about Christmas day I'm sure we can pick a good time for everyone. I'll keep in touch about this. Thanks, Little Duke

  • Don't feel bad Itdo just think your cat had good taste! Little Duke

  • Here goes Chester, Gone With the Wind The Sound of Music The Wizard of Oz The Christmas Story Grease Smokey and the Bandit Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid It's A Wonderful Life Rear Window Space Cowboys Little Duke

  • Hi Complete Novis, I would try and contact Batjac productions. This is now run by John Waynes daugher Melinda I believe. They may be able to help you out. Some of our other members may have some ideas for ya. Hope ya find out something, LittleDuke