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  • When you get there make sure you do reservations at Guildings. We were there not too much after they filmed the new Lone Ranger ( which is very bad ) they had to drive back and forth to Flagstaff as there wasn't any rooms. The Navajo village is not close to anything.

  • Just a few years ago we stayed a few days Guildings lodge at Monument valley. Standing in from of Cpt Brittles and driving around the Mittens. I could barely sleep at night thinking of what we could see and do the next day. I think the road down into the valley is the same one John Ford made in 1939. Have been to Winterset a couple of times but it pales to being at the valley.

  • I just heard a speech on embracing change as it is easier then fighting it. As long as it still covers the Duke all is good

  • Merry Christmas 2019

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    A touch late for Merry Christmas so will go with Happy New Year. Our house took in numerous JW movies this past weekend. As mentioned above we missed the Christmas classics like Godfathers etc.

  • My count on Paul fix was going through every page of the filmography book. Granted in some movies he might have been in the movie for a minute or so.

  • Sorry don't have the answer The above are all good possibilities. Maybe somebody know this answer ? If Yakima Canut was the in the most John Wayne movies was Paul Fix #2 ?

  • Top 5 movies

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    Every time I see someone pick the top 5 I go those are good and change one or two on my list. When you are JW fan and most people know it then you always get asked what one is your favorite, One day I really thought and came up with the top one but after that it is the top 20 or so. Rooster Cogburn (even over True Grit) Searchers the dark character is so much different then other movies Yellow Ribbon mostly because I've been to Nathan's home at Monument Valley Cowboys so many lines I use in ever…

  • I agree if I had such an item it would be locked up and shown to only the few. It must have meant a lot to the Duke since it was worn in so many photos and movies.

  • Well from what I see on line if I want a Red River I need to drop the $50.00. Glad to know that I was not imagining things the buckle was worn in multiple movies.

  • Guess I don't have to peel my eyes on that movie. Though many might disagree I like Rooster a touch better than True Grit.

  • Tbone, Thanks....This whole idea started when I moved my JW standup and I noticed the buckle. Then started looking at other pictures and noticed it showed up a lot. Based on Red River being an older movie I thought it had to be worn a lot more than one movie.

  • Last year I asked at the Winterset museum and they could not offer any info on the buckles. With the exception of course they are available on line. BTW I'm only 3 hours from Winterset but if you haven't gone since they built it a few years back you surely should.

  • My question is was the Red River buckle worn in all cowboy movies ( of course John Wayne movies) after making Red River ?

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