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  • When John Wayne and Perry Como rolled into Colonial Williamsburg to film a Christmas special in 1978, one local boy tried hard to meet them and would hold on to the memory for decades.

    Blake Patterson was about six years old in the fall of 1978, when Como and Wayne came to Williamsburg with a crew to shoot “Perry Como’s Early American Christmas,” a colonial-themed television program.
    Patterson, a web developer who lives in Alexandria, didn’t know who Como was. But his father was a fan of… [Read More]

  • “The Shepherd of the Hills” is a 1941 film based on a novel of the same name. Filmed in gorgeous Technicolor and containing excellent performances by Harry Carey, John Wayne, Betty Field, and others, I’m really not sure why this film isn’t a classic. The plot is simple, but beautiful and moving, one of Director Henry Hathaway’s greatest cinematic achievements. Our story begins in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.

    Deep in the Ozark Mountains, buried within the shade of thousands of… [Read More]