Is John Wayne really Luke Skywalker?

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    • I like this subject and sure there are many more of them, so let's bump this to the top and see. In Band Of Brothers, right before the invasion of Normandy, the soldiers of Easy Company are watching Seven Sinners on a screen set up in a tent. Anyone else know any more? dukefan1
      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • In "Die Hard," the villian uses the phrase, John Wayne does not ride in the sunset with Grace Kelly, and Bruce Willis says, that's Gary Cooper you itiot. This is not a direct quote but something like that.

      In the early part of the movie, the villian refers to Willis as a cowboy like John Wayne, and Willis responses that he's partial to Roy Rogers.

      Well, you get the message. I don't have the movie on VHS or DVD, so I am going on memory.

      Cheers, Hondo B)

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote
    • As time goes on we will continue to see moveis and TV shows refer to the "Duke". I can recall a very funny Japanese comic doing John Wayne in Kobe Japan around 1977 in complete japanese. It was so funny.

      Tulalip Wa
    • Here is another reference to the Duke in new movies. I was watching a Guy Thing the other night. One of the characters tells everyone when they come to his house that he is a huge Duke fan. There is a scene later on in the movie where the whole family eats gravy with hash in it, and they start doing very poor impressions of the Duke. It's a pretty funny scene.
    • In the Midnight Cowboy Jon Voight put on a cowboy hat in front of the mirror and says John Wayne.

      Later on in the movie somebody states that Jon Voight is gay for dressing up as a cowboy, voight replies that John Wayne dressed like this and you wouldnt call him gay.

      Duke hated this movie but admired the acting and in 1970 he beat off competion from both Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman for their performances in "The Midnight Cowboy" to win an oscar for best acting for his performance in "True Grit".

    • I ran midnight cowboy through the search engine but nothing came up so I presumed it hadnt been used.

      Now Itdo heres a few more. In emerdale marlon starts giving trisha a few orders and trisha replies why are you acting like this have you been watching a John Wayne movie.

      Also in Emmerdale Zak tells Lisa to get out of his house and off hsi land and she replies who do you think you are John Wayne.

      In Ultimate Force Ross Kemp copied John Waynes swagger.

      And isnt it mean streets where ten minutes of the movies is devoted to talking about the searchers.


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