James Who?

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  • I think Clive Owens would have been the perfect choice, but I'll hold my opinion on Daniel Craig. Just look at Owens in Sin City, and tell me he isn't perfect for the role of Bond. If you want to see him in a darker role, check out Road To Perdition. He plays Connor Rooney, Paul Newman's son, who has quite a mean streak to him. If nothing else, it shows he can play troubled characters, if not James Bond.

    And like several people have pointed out, Sean Connery was the best, followed by Pierce Brosnan. Connery will never be replaced.

  • Can we please get Sean Connery or Roger Moore back? :( But i'll give the new guy a chance. I remember not liking this last guy (Pierce Brosnan) as Bond either but did like him by the time he made his 2nd Bond film. I never did accept Timothy Dalton as James.

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    Originally posted by kilo 6@Oct 16 2005, 06:37 AM
    Hello All
    I respect Cole thorntons opinion and I want to be fair but to this old dog there was one great Robin Hood, King Arthur, Superman, Tarzan, Bond and Mag 7 Chris, and I will enjoy their movies above all others. This new chap may be a hard working actor who gave a bad interview but my gut says our rough collie would inspire more confidence then this drug inspired new age rub a crystal squat to p__ beer wasting flag burning low down no good piece of human flotsam that washed up on the beach of the one and only worthy JW fan site. Ian Flemming will rise from the grave in a rage and if this man gets struck by lightning then we have to agree that god is a bond fan and Enough is enough. The next idiot that thinks he can replace a legend is going into the tree chipper to feed the roses!! Give us quality or give us their death!! Long live the Duke fans


    Uhhh...is there something you know about the new guy that you want to tell us? Which interview are you talking about? If there is no such thing, then your post is one of the funniest, most sarcastic things I've read in a long time, though a little bit frightening... :D

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  • Hello All
    Was working the last 48 hours, and while the script said it was not-- God said it was raining and she was right again. So we showed Mr All Baby Pachino how it's done on the Wet Coast of North America. As the rain came down our energy rose up to meet it. There is a local urban myth on the West Coast about the rain. Legend says that the raindrops are the messages sent by The Old ones, The ones who came first to the river mouth by the sea. On the day, the action of hunting and fishing this new territory made for good living. It was, therefore, seen as a great sadness to die and in order to keep a balance the great spirit gave any one who died a chance to send a message. The old ones could designate ( after their death ) one person alive as the recipiant of their tears
    Then, when it was time they could send their tear down to Earth to land on the chosen person to remind him that He or She was not alone.
    So we are used to seeing the rain as a message and a blessing.
    Mr pachino was intense 24/7. I met a man tonight that had partied with Al Pachino and Anjelina Jollie and Kurt Russell, He runs a bar/ movie rental store downtown. He agreed that Pac Man ( Pachino's local west coast nickname ) is very intense. As for the interview with the wannabeeaBond, please look back to post 12 on this thread and in it Arthur Arnell represents the answer to your question about where the interview occurs

    Greetings from North of the 49th