What Was The Last Western You Watched?

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  • What a great way to spend a Saturday:

    "The Horse Soldiers"- John Wayne
    "Backlash"-Richard Widmark
    "For A Few Dollars More-" Clint Eastwood
    "Death Rides A Horse"- Lee Van Cleef
    " High Plains Drifter"- Clint Eastwood

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  • I watched on Saturday (yesterday) on TCM: Horse Soldiers.

    I really enjoyed that. I also like William Holden. It was great to see them together!

    I can hardly wait until tomorrow (Monday), there are 5 John Wayne movies I'll be watching on TCM!!!

    JohnWayne-ly Yours, Pilgrim


  • The Americano with Glenn Ford.

    The first moive of his I have seen since his death and the first one that terretial UJ TV has shown. Its a good movie and Ford is excellent in it.



  • Two movies by Hank's children: Peter Fonda's own direction The Hired hand and Jane Fonda in Comes a horseman. Hired hand has beautiful pictures, but I find it too artsy, cinematographic tricks ending in themselves take away from the story.
    Jane surprised me positively, she's superb in the Horseman. I haven't seen many of her films, but I understand this is not her typical role. She's so much like her father in this one... however different she wanted to be

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  • Magnificent Seven

    First time I watched it and it is the first non John Wayne western older then 1990 that I have ever watched. Good film, Steve McQueen pretty cool.

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  • Day of the Evil Gun W/ Glenn Ford and Arthur Kennedy. (TCM was having some sort of celebration for Arthur Kennedy (his Birthday? maybe?) and they played another A.K. film which was a well made movie about soldiers wounded in battle in WWII and the A.K. character--was blinded by a snipers bullet when he was in North Africa. Anyway, it was called: Dark Victory and if ever on DvD; it's worth buying.

    Sorry I got off the subject of Westerns. :headbonk:

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