Island In The Sky (1953)

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  • Hi

    Island in the Sky was released yeserday in the UK and of course I bought my copy picking it up last night. i came complete with a reproduction poster which unfortunately was folded up so that it would fit into the DVD case.

    But beggars can't be choosers.



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  • This was on TCM just a few days ago and I watched it again. This is one movie that just gets better and better everytime you see it. Myself, I would give it a 9. And I love the music to it. I think Island In the Sky is ten times better than the majority of garbage they stick in the theaters these days.

  • More conventional movie than the High and the Mighty, but (even) more enjoyable with the simple yet exciting survival story. I noticed I miss northern conifer forest

    I don't believe in surrenders.

  • I watch this whenever they show it on AMC. It seems to get better every time I see it. I really liked two big things from this movie: The star power and many recognizable "faces" that were in it, and tnd that it was in black and white which to me; makes it all the better.

    I still have not bought this one but plan on doing so.

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  • My father was chosen by Ernie Gann to fly in Island In the Sky. He wrote some interesting accounts of making the movie. Is there someone who might be interested in this? I've transcribed his journal into WORD and could attach it if anyone's interested. Let me know.

    I don't know if THIS is the story to which Tabitha was referring, but I noticed she had made only two posts, and in her other post (way back when, in the Duke Stories thread - I missed it the first time around) was a link which led me to the one above. INTERESTING story about this film, by someone who "was there."

    Chester :newyear:

  • At last,I watched this movie Dvd released september 2007 in Japan.

    The story is very simple, but have storng on tenterhooks, express pilot' s friendship.
    and beautiful photography DC-3 in the sky .
    Duke does a great job in his role ,exhibits his good leadership.

    Andy Devine, Lloyd Nolan,themselves best performance like real pilot.
    Specially I'm surprised Andy's serious performance!


    Sometimes kids ask me what a pro is. I just point to the Duke.
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  • It was a shame James Arness ruined this film with his awful overacting. Otherwise, not bad, although not as good looking as The High and the Mighty.

  • Duke was right, Arness was never going to be a big star in the movies, only on television. And not just because he was so tall. That scene with him coughing was so annoying. He also overplayed his part in "Big Jim McLain".

  • In this movie, James Arness takes a role of comedy relief, doesn't he?
    But i have been watching tv "Gunsmoke"every week,of course when i was a kid.

    Sometimes kids ask me what a pro is. I just point to the Duke.
    ~Steve McQueen~

  • I think some people forget that Films or Movies are for the Enjoyment of the people that are watching the Film. Most of the time, in the type of Film, if you Do Not Know anything about the Aircraft that they are useing and what it takes to Get Out alive you may Not Care for a Film Like This.
    In the Air Force we were Training for this Type of thing, every year back in the Early 1950s.
    The Film "Island in the Sky" for a Pilot is Fun to Watch because it was Mostly Technicaly Correct when they were Flying the DC-3 or as we called them at that time in the U.S.A.F. C-46 and C-47, and I had Flown them Many Times.
    After W.W. 2 there were Hundreds of C-46 and C-47 Stored at Kingman and Litchfield Arizona and You Could Buy them for $750.00 Apiece, if You Had the $750.00.
    This was Why this Aircraft was used in this Film and Many other Films in the Late 1940s and the 1950s.
    You must Remember that at this time in Films Many New Actors would over Act trying to get More Parts. And as far as James Arness, He Must Have Done Somthing Right, as His T.V. Show "Gun Smoke" was Number One On T.V. for Many Years !!!

  • Was in my local Sams Club today and lo and behold, there was a copy of Island In The Sky sitting there for $7.98. Scooped that up real quick. I've been wanting to get a copy for awhile.

  • I bought the 100th Anniversary release of this movie over the weekend and I don't recall ever having seen it before. One (of several) I missed.

    It is a good movie, but why did Duke appear to throw away the packet of Spam that was in the bag that was dropped by parachute? Was he not hungry?


    Spam, even back then was reviled.

  • i only saw this film for the first time about 2 weeks's a very good movie.i really enjoyed it.the cast was is well directed by william a wellman.pity he didnt do a western with john wayne.