The Horse Soldiers (1959)

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    • Originally posted by Jay J. Foraker@Dec 27 2005, 04:37 PM
      Bing Russell was the father of Kurt Russell, who has become more famous than his father.  Bing Russell was very recognizable, even if his name was not readily recalled.
      Cheers - Jay  :D

      Hi Jay,
      Thanks, I think your snippet of information, is really interesting,
      I will make a point of looking closer the next time I watch the film!

      Best Wishes,
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Hi,
      I noticed from THE SEARCHERS thread,
      that members are also interested in the secondary/stunt men,
      although, I personally think, in most cases, they should all be credited!!


      Jim Burk .... stunts (uncredited)
      Everett Creach .... stunts (uncredited)
      Chuck Hayward .... stunts (uncredited)
      Tom Hennesy .... stunts (uncredited)
      John Hudkins .... stunts (uncredited)
      Fred Kennedy .... stunts (uncredited)
      Cliff Lyons .... stunts (uncredited)
      Dean Smith .... stunts (uncredited)
      Ted White .... stunts (uncredited)
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Memorable Quotes

      Major Kendall: Look here, colonel, I didn't ask to be assigned to this mission...
      Col. John Marlowe: Kirby, you tangle with me, I'll have your hide.
      Sgt. Maj. Kirby: You're welcome to that too sir, if it's in the line of duty.

      Major Kendall: Now come off it Colonel, even you were born.

      Miss Hannah Hunter: They'll catch up to you and cut you to pieces, you nameless, fatherless scum.

      [After Marlowe gets slapped]
      Major Kendall: I suggest you see a doctor.

      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Our VHS tape of The Horse Soldiers hasn't worked for a long time, so recently I was able to pick up a DVD and get to watch the movie again.

      Deep Discount DVD has the DVD and one movie poster.

      Amazon has the DVD within a few cents of Deep Discount, and is a source for VHS as well.

      Chester :newyear:
    • Wow that's a heap of praise you threw on this film DukePilgrim.

      Not one to disagree with you as I like the film as well but, my biggest problem is the ending, to me it just seemed unfinished, like there was something that happened but it was cut out. And for that reason alone I cannot put it above Fort Apache, Rio Grande maybe, but not Fort Apache.
      Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
      -John Wayne
    • Hi Viper

      The Horse Soldiers was cut short because of Fred Kennedy's death, The film should have finished with the soldiers led by Marlowe making a triumphful entrance to New Orleans but after the ragic death of the stuntman Ford's heart wasn't in it and he basically walked away from the picture ending it in the quickest and least messy way that he could.


      Walk Tall - Talk Low
    • Hi Viper & Arthur

      I know praise from me it is a rarity LOL

      I do genuinely believe this film deserves it. It is extremely well crafted and
      detailed and was Ford's major attempt at a Civil War movie.

      I know that Ford basically went off on a bender after Fred Kennedy's death and that in most people eyes the film was cut short by his lack of interest.

      However when you look at the film what else was there to add to the movie apart from a happy wrap i.e. A triumphant return to the Union Army after a successful mission. A reuniting of Marlowe and Constance after the war . We know these things are going to happen its just that we don’t see it.

      I would be of the opinion that Ford had the film already planned in his head much like directors like Hitchcock. There may have been little touches here or there but very little would have been added.

      Also, remember that Horse Soldiers runs at 119 minutes so it is not a short movie.

      I think the fact that the movie got poor reviews on its release and the knowledge that Ford lost interest has built up the mystique that the director was planning more for this movie than ever filmed.
    • Just to put i :rolleyes: n my two bob's worth about The Horse Soldiers. The film to me started very well with good charaterisation from Duke and William Holden. Unfortunately this didn't continue for all of the film. I must admit to enjoying the stoushes between John Wayne and Constance Towers. Also I had the pleasure of meeting Althea Gibson in the UK. A very pleasant lady to talk to. Anyway a reasonable film but not one of Ford's or Duke's best.
      RACMP - For the troops With the troops
    • Re: The Horse Soldiers (1959)

      Hi Jim

      When I and some other fans of John Wayne wanted the photo of John Wayne changed on his homepage of the IMDB, it was only achieved when we contacted the John Wayne estate. I had previously emailed the IMDB and they told me any changes could only be made when the IMDB was contacted by the estate of a particular actor/actress.


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