His Private Secretary (1933)

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    • Re: His Private Secretary (1933)

      DukePilgrim wrote:

      Hi Ringo

      Private Secretary should be available on Region 1. Wasnt it a bargain buy for someone at 99 cents in a recent thread.


      Hi Mike, I don't think I saw the posting about it? If it is available for .99 cents, them i'll check the $1 rack at Wal Mart next time I go there.

      Thanks Jim, I need to take a peek at DDDVD to see what they have available in John Wayne movies. It's been a few months since I last bought any or made a new DvD purchase. Im starting to "get hungry" for more movies. :wink:
      Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..
    • Re: His Private Secretary (1933)

      Rather old well actually "very old and creaky". At least it has the John Wayne Lucy episode in colour on the same DVD.

      Episode consists of Lucy who is really fanantically about our Duke going to studio to give contract to John Wayne from her boss. She loses the contract to a secretary but meets Duke in the canteen when he comes for break in filming for lunch. After escaping her clutches when manages to cover him in ketchup. Later,Lucy manages to get on the set of his new movie and wrecks take after take of the movie.

      Nice little item from mid 1960's. Reference is made to War Wagon so that would date in around 1966/67.

    • Re: His Private Secretary (1933)

      Hi Mike,

      as you probably know it was this one:-

      Lucy Meets John Wayne

      Season 5- Episode Number 119
      Original air date:- November 21st. 1966

      Filmed during the making of The War Wagon

      I have this episode, it is very funny,
      Duke is featured almost throughout.

      It is well worth having
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: His Private Secretary (1933)

      Im starting to watch some of the old ones, My kids gave me a tin can full of these old ones for Christmas. Mostly westerns, but this one was iin it. Have to admit, it wasn't bad! Not often you'll see the wealthy playboy type changing a tire at a gas station!
    • Re: His Private Secretary (1933)

      I love how the Duke's character changes so radically in this movie. At the beginning of the film he's a wealthy, dissolute playboy that kind of drives you crazy. But then he gets married and determines to settle down. He has a couple rough spots, but he eventually gets his act together and proves the sincerity of his commitment to his wife.

      I love that one line in the movie. It's so sweet anyway, but the way the Duke says it is just so poignant.

      "I'm not gonna have my wife insulted."
      "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." (Jim Elliot)