Brannigan (1975)

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    • Re: Brannigan (1975)

      Robbie wrote:

      Do you mean Richard Attenborough instead of John Hammond, as I am unaware of any actor within this movie called Hammond.


      Actually I was referring to Attenbrough by the name of his character in Jurassic Park.
    • Re: Brannigan (1975)

      DukePilgrim wrote:

      One of my favourite movies too. I was in London that year too wished I had met JW.

      The chase and crash on Tower Bridge was outstanding!!


      Heck, I wish I had met the Duke... but I was born too late. :cry2:

      But my favorite sequence is the brawl for all.
    • Re: Brannigan (1975)

      I like this Film for Two Things. The First was, It was a Good Duke Shoot-Um- Up only Done in Jolly Old London, and as Duke Said "It the Same Old Story, the Good Lawman comes to Town and Takes on All The Bad Guys.
      And the Second was, that I sent Duke 5 Gals. of Duke's Chili For The Big Cast and Crew Party after the Film was Complete !!!

    • Re: Brannigan (1975)

      A highly entertaining, feel good cop drama with a solid supporting cast, not of course in the same league as Dirty Harry or The French Connection but one that can be enjoyed time and again. Personally I thought this was a better film than McQ. I wish that Duke had played a policeman a few years earlier, but even at this late stage of his career he managed to pull it off.

    • Re: Brannigan (1975)

      Senta wrote:

      Hi Carl,
      The London sights are great in this movie, remain this city to me very nice. Like a sightseeing tour with all great places.

      Hi Vera, Keith,

      Vera, I liked seeing the sights of London as well. Also, I liked seeing Duke in the midst of it all in a city that he could not have been very familiar with.

      Keith, thanks for the link.
      Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..
    • Re: Brannigan (1975)

      The Ringo Kid wrote:

      Also, I liked seeing Duke in the midst of it all in a city that he could not have been very familiar with.

      I think Duke probably was quite familiar with London. There are pictures at showing him in London in 1956 and 1960. Prior to making Brannigan he had visited to appear on Parkinson, it was during that visit that he caught pneumonia.
    • Re: Brannigan (1975)

      HI Cole, I had not known the extent of his travels overseas. Also, thanks for that other as well. I had not known he hed been down with pneumonia/ I had double pneumonia when I was around 17-18 years old. I know how tough it can be to get over it. I wonder how long he was hospitalized? I was in for 8 days with IV's stuck in each arm.
      Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..

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