Lady From Louisianna (1941)

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    • Lady From Louisianna (1941)



      Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas

      Information From IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Northern lawyer John Reynolds travels to New Orleans
      to try and clean up the local crime syndicate based around a lottery.
      Although he meets Julie Mirbeau and they are attracted to each other,
      the fact that her father heads the lottery means they end up on opposite sides.
      When her father is killed, Julie becomes more and more involved
      in the shady activities and in blocking Reynolds' attempts at prosecution.

      Full Cast
      John Wayne .... John Reynolds
      Ona Munson .... Julie Mirbeau
      Ray Middleton .... Blackie Williams
      Henry Stephenson .... Gen. Mirbeau
      Helen Westley .... Mrs. Brunot
      Jack Pennick .... Cuffy Brown
      Dorothy Dandridge .... Felice
      Shimen Ruskin .... Gaston
      Jacqueline Dalya .... Pearl
      Paul Scardon .... Judge Wilson
      Major James H. McNamara .... Sen. Cassidy
      James C. Morton .... Littlefield
      Maurice Costello .... Edwards
      Stanley Blystone .... (uncredited)
      Al Bridge .... (uncredited)
      Lane Chandler .... (uncredited)
      Noble 'Kid' Chissel .... (uncredited)
      Virginia Farmer .... (uncredited)
      Karl Hackett .... (uncredited)
      Howard C. Hickman .... (uncredited)
      Frank Jaquet .... (uncredited)
      Bob Kortman .... (uncredited)
      Ethan Laidlaw .... (uncredited)
      George Lloyd .... (uncredited)
      Ted Mapes .... (uncredited)
      Hugh Prosser .... (uncredited)
      Jack Raymond ... Lottery Thug (uncredited)
      Anthony Warde ... Lottery Thug (uncredited)
      Blackie Whiteford ... Lottery Thug (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Edward James (story) and
      Francis Edward Faragoh (story)
      Vera Caspary (screenplay) and
      Michael Hogan (screenplay) and
      Guy Endore (screenplay)

      Original Music
      Mort Glickman (uncredited)

      Jack A. Marta

      In 1953, Republic Pictures theatrically reissued this film on a double bill
      with another John Wayne western, Citadel of Crime (1941).

      A 1941 Time magazine review noted similarities between John Wayne's Thomas E. Dewey type character and Huey Long.


      Filming Locations
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Lady from Louisiana is a 1941 American disaster film starring John Wayne.
      It was produced and directed by Bernard Vorhaus for Republic Pictures.

      Another mediocre, humdrum, film, again after such good films before it,
      a bit of a, downward career step for Duke.

      By today's standards, politically incorrect, in its racist portrayal,
      with some parts of the film, being downright degrading!

      The chemistry, did I say chemistry?
      or the complete lack of it, didn't help, to say the least,
      with Ona Munson(Gone With the Wind) being poor!

      Although it was an expensive production, this was picture, full of cliches.
      All in all, another poor showing for Duke!

      User Review
      A Passable Timekiller
      20 June 2001 | by Todd Honig (Hollywood,California)

      John Wayne battles the forces of corruption down New Orleans way
      in this passable time-killer.Henry Stephenson as the owner of a lottery game
      that's been robbing the town blind and Ray Middleton
      as his right hand man both put in decent performances.T
      here's also a love story here but the sparks between Wayne and Ona Munson don't fly too far.
      The ending with biblical overtones that could have stood some better special effects,
      but all in all this film is fun to watch.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Hi

      These films were made not to show John Wayne off but his leading ladies. Although he was beginning to make his name by then he was very much a secondary figure. As another example see him in Lady For A Night with Joan Blondell and Re-Union in France with Joan Crawford.


      Walk Tall - Talk Low
    • I watched this yesterday for the first time and was positively surprised. Nice little film, good plot, some interesting and funny characters and Duke is a believable lawyer. A little lack of chemistry between Wayne and Munson, maybe, but they don't have so many joined scenes that it would matter much. Racist? Didn't occur to me at all.
      I don't believe in surrenders.
    • Re: Lady From Louisianna (1941)

      Here are two posters from this film, the second one a re-issue from 1953.
    • Re: Lady From Louisianna (1941)

      Thank you lasbugas

      I remain in awe of the beauty of the actors and the wealth of hairstyles, clothes ... and mastery of the photographer.

      Unconditional's Maureen O'Hara !
      French-English translation: poor !!!