Stagecoach (1939)

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    • Re: Stagecoach

      Red River was possibly more important than Stagecoach. Duke however turned down a movie in 1939 that proved a big mistake. The movie was to be 'North West mounted police' and it was released in 1940. Duke was offered the role by Cecil B Demille and turned it down due to the fact that Demille refused to give him a role in the 1936 western the Plainsman thinking that Duke was not the right choice as he was only a B movie actor.

      However Duke made several important movie between Stagecoach and 1948 when Red River was released. These movies included 'Tall in the Saddle', 'They were Expendable', 'Back to Bataan'. 'Flying Tigers' and 'The Long Vogage Home'. Not a bad collection of movies from the rising star and I am sure there were other good movies made by Duke within this period that I have yet to see.

    • Re: Stagecoach

      I think Red River was the most important one. I believe Ford's comment on seeing it was " I didnt think the SOB could act" I think it was a turning point
      in terms of films John Wayne did and was offered as well as his relationship with Ford.

      The films you mentioned are proberably the best of the war years although I don't personally like The Long Voyage Home.

      I think John did himself a favour turning down De Mille. Whilst his biblical epics hold up fairly well most of the other films he made have dated very badly.

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      Duke's Movie Locations

      Check out this site for the story of Stagecoach locations

      Stagecoach- Locations:



      Filming Locations

      Beale's Cut, Newhall, California, USA


      Calabasas, California, USA

      Canon City, Colorado, USA

      Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA

      Iverson Ranch, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA

      Kayenta, Arizona, USA

      Kern River, California, USA

      Kernville, California, USA

      Lucerne Dry Lake, California, USA

      Luzerne Dry Lake, Victorville, California, USA

      Mesa, Arizona, USA

      Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah, USA

      Newhall, California, USA

      RKO Encino Ranch, Encino, Los Angeles, California, USA

      Samuel Goldwyn/Warner Hollywood Studios - 1041 N. Formosa Ave., Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

      Victorville, California, USA

      Most of these locations, are discussed
      in Movie Discussions,

      Duke's Movie Locations
      Best Wishes
      London- England
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      I hate to keep doing this to you But I have spent Many Days and Months in Moument Valley doing Air Work for For Films and T.V. Commercials, and the Shots that You have of Monument Valley with The Right and Left Mittens and "Butte A and the Wall" were Taken in Arizona, not Utah, and Kayenta is the Gateway from the South in to Monument Valley.

      Utah is a Few Miles to the North, and Many people Make this Mistake as Gouldings Lodge is just inside of Utah to the North.

      Bill :cowboy:

    • Re: Stagecoach (1939)

      Sorry, I was just trying to help on somthing that I know a little about. You are right, Monument Valley is in Both Utah and Arizona, but the Mittens, Butte A, The Wall, Fords Point and The Totum Poll is in Arizona.

      I will not bother you anymore.

      The map on this Site will show you most of what is called Monument Valley and is not my Map but the Navajo Tribes Map.

      Bill :ohwell:
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      I don't remember when I saw Stagecoach for the first time, but I have saved all programmes of the Finnish Film Archive since I started going there in 1980. In -82 I've written a note about Stagecoach "Haven't lost anything as seen for the second time. John Wayne is lovely".
      Today I have to change the second for nth, but the rest of the statement remains the same
      I don't believe in surrenders.
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      Here are 4 posters! The second one is a 1944 reissue, the third is a 1948 reissue, and the fourth one is from Belgium.