Stagecoach (1939)

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  • Hello
    It has been a long time since I posted last.

    Today, I'd like to show you one of my autograph collection
    from "Stagecoach (1939)" signed by
    both John Wayne (Ringo Kid) and Thomas Mitchell (Doc Boone)
    John Wayne Added " Good Luck 1968"

    A Happy New Year to All Members !

    Thank you
    Windrider from Japan

  • Great to hear from you,
    and thanks for sharing your autographed photo.
    What a fantastic thing to have.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • That is really COOL, Windrider. Did you get them yourself from the two?
    Whatever, nice thing to have. Hope you will stick around a while, this time.

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Thank you Windrider! This is amazing! John Wayne had lovely handwriting; I wonder if he had an artistic side? :happy:

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  • I just bought the bluray version of the criterion collection version of Stagecoach. I also have the DVD version. I compared the two and to me, they seem like the same transfer. Not sure if it's just my eyes, but the small comparison I did, some parts of the bluray seemed to even be a bit darker, and therefore not as good of a picture as the DVD version. Additionally, there are letterbox bars on the right and left on the bluray version that are not present on the DVD version, which fills the entire screen. I noticed on the back of the bluray box, it makes no reference to this being a new transfer, but does say that it has uncompressed audio, which the DVD did not have.

    Can anyone comment on this that has knowledge of the bluray transfer. Kind of feel like I've been hoodwinked by the studio on this one.


  • Not sure if i'm the right man to comment here, I own the dvd version but have yet to watch it however I have seen the Blu Ray version which I don't own and I thought the quality was breathtaking for a film from that early, sure it was black and white but it looked wonderfully crisp and the sound was clear as day. I'm not one who generally finds much difference between the formats as i'm not very fussy on quality as long as it's watchable but I was impressed with the Stagecoach blu-ray.

  • Hi Irish,

    Yep, I don't deny the quality of the transfer is good. I was just disappointed that the bluray was no improvement and I just spent $20 (again) to upgrade the bluray. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.