Stagecoach (1939)

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  • Good question, all I could dig up was it was supposedly the first time Duke wore a toupee. Maybe others will have some more information.

    I thought he didn't begin wearing a toupee until "Wake of the Red Witch"? His bald spot was visible in "Tall in the Saddle".

    I don't remember Wayne ever smoking in those wonderful B-westerns from the 1930s, although he was already a chain smoker by 1930.

  • It was on an internet search I found the other day. In all truth where and when he wore the first toupee wasn't among my big interest which is why I didn't look into it much further. Who knows really but maybe there is a historian that might have the info someplace.

    Edit Yep reading further says John Wayne wore a toupee beginning in about 1948. So" Wake Of The Red Witch" time line checks out. Said he felt more confident wearing it! Now if we could just find out when he first smoked you'd be in business.